Links to some useful societies and journals

The following is a list of links to pages with information about some historical and record societies (not all are pages maintained by the societies themselves), and about some relevant journals. National and Regional History lists contact details for some of these societies, though the lists of publications are no longer available, as a result of the withdrawal of the Royal Historical Society Bibliography from free access.

Links to most present-day family Family History Societies are listed by the Federation of Family History Societies. A few with significant publications covering the medieval period are included below.

Lists of contents of many journals are available at the Magazine Stacks website, edited by Stuart Jenks (University College, London). Although the original emphasis was on German-language material, the site includes a number of English language journals, and continues to expand. For many, the coverage is complete; some relevant examples are listed below.

N.B. In the names of the societies, archaeology often has the wider sense of 'the study of ancient things', but sometimes has the more restricted modern meaning of 'digging things up'.