Remise and quitclaim by John de Leukenore to John de Tyngewik, concerning lands and tenements in Great and Little Leckhampstead, 1317

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Notification that John de Leukenore, son of Lucy, who was the wife of Sir Thomas de Leukenore, has remised, released and quitclaimed for himself and his heirs to John de Tyngewik', brother and heir of William de Tynge[wi]k', all his right in all the lands and tenements which he had of the demise of the said William de Tyngewik' for the term of his life in Magna Lech[a]mpstede and P[ar]ua Lech[a]mpstede [Leckhampstead, Buckinghamshire].
Witnesses: Geoffrey de Bradden' and Philip le Lou, knights, Philip de Hardeshull', William de Sc'o Joh'e, Bartholomew de Ardern', Simon le Blunt, Richard de Wauncy, Thomas, son of Luke de Wappenh[a]m, John le Mareschal of [Wappenham], Ralph Reue.
Given at Wappenh[a]m on Sunday next after the feast of St Bartholomew, 11 Edward II.
[28 August 1317]

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