Appointment of attorneys by John de Chastiloun, lord of Thornton, to deliver seisin to Master Robert de Kynebell, in lands and tenements in Great and Little Leckhampstead and Thornton, 1347

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John de Chastiloun, lord of Thornton' [Buckinghamshire], has constituted and put in his place Hugh de Kynevell' [1] and Robert Wymond as his attorneys, to deliver to Master Robert de Kynebell', the parson of the church of Horewode [Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire], seisin in all lands and tenements which he had in Lekamstede Magna and P[ar]ua [Leckhampstead, Buckinghamshire]. And also in 1 messuage in Thornton' which he purchased from Geoffrey Rolues.
Witnesses: William de Kenebell' [2], Thomas dele Haye, Hugh de Kynebell', Robert Wymond', John Clement, Stephen Le baylif, Amauri Bruton, Geoffrey le skynner'.
Given at Thornton' on Sunday in the feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude, 21 Edward III.
[28 October 1347]

[1] Written thus, for Kynebell'.
[2] Apparently altered from Kynebell'.

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