Grant by Ralph Eyre of Leckhampstead to Master John Lekhampstede, the vicar of Wendover, and others, of lands and tenements in Leckhampstead, 1409

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Ralph Eyre of Lekhampstede [Leckhampstead, Buckinghamshire] has given, granted and confirmed to Master John Lekhampstede, the vicar of Wendou[er]e [Wendover, Buckinghamshire], John Bernarde, son of William Bernarde of Deynshangre [Deanshanger in Passenham, Northamptonshire], William Cok' of Lekhampstede and Hugh Laundere of Whittulbury by Toucestre [Whittlebury by Towcester] in the county of Northampton all my lands and tenements which I have in the vill and in the fields of Lekhampstede. To hold to them, their heirs and assigns, of the chief lords.
Warranty by Ralph and his heirs.
Witnesses: Henry Frankleyn, Hugh Smyth' the elder of Lekhampstede, Hugh Smyth' the younger of the same, William Eyre of the same, Thomas Wodeward'.
Given at Lekhampstede on Saturday in the feast of the Innocents, 11 Henry IV.
[28 December 1409]

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