Remise and quitclaim by John Ate Hurne of Thornborough to John le Heyward of Thornton, concerning land in Thornton, 1330

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John Ate Hurne of Thornberge [Thornborough, Buckinghamshire] has remised, released and quitclaimed for himself and his heirs to John le Heyward of Thornton' [Buckinghamshire] all his right and claim in 7 acres of land and a half in Thornton', which Agnes, who was the wife of Henry Ate Hurne, his father, formerly held in dower of the dotation of Henry, in which John le Heyward is in seisin.
Witnesses: Richard Frankeleyn of Thornton', Robert Wymond, Nicholas le Sergant'.
Given at Thornton' on Monday next before St Peter ad vincula, 4 Edward III.
[30 July 1330]

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