Appointment of an attorney by John de Chastilon, lord of Thornton, and Joan, his wife, to receive seisin of property in accordance with a charter of Robert de Kynebell and John Howchenes, 1356

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John de Chastilon', lord of Thornton' [Buckinghamshire], and Joan his wife, have constituted and put in their place Richard Chastilon' as their attorney to receive seisin of all the messuages, lands, meadows, pastures, rents, woods and all services, according to the contents of a certain charter made by Robert de Kynebell' and John Howchenes to the aforesaid John Chastilon' and Joan.
Given at Thornton' on Wednesday next before the feast of Palm Sunday, 30 Edward III.
[13 April 1356]

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this charter and its seals.]