Charter concerning the manor of Loveden, Lincolnshire, 1378

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I am very grateful to Guy Vincent for sending me these images of a Lincolnshire charter of 1378, which were kindly provided by the charter's owner. The charter is particularly interesting because it includes very detailed information of the lands concerned and the names of many tenants, including the "native" tenants whose bodies were included in the conveyance. The heraldic seals of the four grantors have also survived intact - see notes on the heraldry. A translation of the text is given below.

The grantee, Grace de Roos, later married Sir Philip Tilney, of Boston, Lincolnshire (d. 1394). The manor was later known as that of Tilney Hall, alias Lovedens.
[Thanks to Douglas Richardson for the identification of Grace de Roos.]

This indenture attests that we Roger de Kirketon, knight, Robert Bernak, John de Haugh and Thomas de la Launde have demised, delivered and by this our present indented charter have confirmed to Grace the daughter of Richard the son of John de Roos of Tydd

A moiety of the site of the manor of Loueden, from Tydd St Mary towards the east with part of the Park and of the Lane from the Edyk as far as the land formerly of Robert the son of John to the width of the same site of the manor with part of the Edyk next to the river bank on the eastern part as is attested by by bound and mark, which contains 9 acres, 3 roods, 4 perches, 5 feet and a half of land by estimation.

And 110 acres, 2 roods, 10 perches, 5 feet of arable land, of which:

And 56 acres, 10 perches and 9 feet of meadow and pasture, of which:

Also we have granted to the same Grace the rent and service of the free tenants written below in the aforesaid vill, namely:

To have and to hold all the aforesaid lands and tenements rents and services both of the free men and of the natives with the bodies, cattle and suits of the same natives and all other things and rights abovesaid aforesaid, to Grace her heirs and assigns, of the chief lords of that fee by the services owed and customary for it for ever.

In testimony of which we have affixed our seals to this indented charter, these being witnesses:

and others.

Dated at Tydd St Mary the first day of May in the first year of the reign of King Richard the Second from the conquest of England [1378]