J.H. Round: Studies in Peerage and Family History

I am very grateful to Mary Kifissia (née Stewart), who has transcribed most of J. Horace Round's paper on "The Origin of the Stewarts", from "Studies in Peerage and Family History" (Westminster, Archibald Constable and Co., Ltd., 1901, pages 115-146), and to Rick Eaton for permission to reproduce her transcript here.

Note added 27 June 2021:
Round's reconstruction of the pedigree was reconsidered by Paul A. Fox, in "The Archbishops of Dol and the Origin of the Stewarts" [Foundations, 3(1), 61-76 (2009)]. In Fox's revised version, Flaald is identified as the son of Hato, a knight of Dol. Instead of an Alan in each of three successive generations of the family, there is only a single Alan, the son of Flaald. Rhiwallon/Rivallon, the monk of St Florent, is placed as a younger son of Flaald, rather than his brother. And it is suggested that the record of a Flaald in 1101 or 1102 does not refer to Alan's father, but to a son of his by a first marriage.

The Origin of the Stewarts