Lay subsidy for Hamfordshoe hundred, Northamptonshire, 7th October 1545 (E 179/156/194)

Copyright Stephen Swailes.

Earls Barton, Holcot and Sywell do not appear in the list.

Great Doddington
Mears Ashby

Placename Christian name Surname Tax basis Levy Notes
Wellingborough Wyllm Denett for the stock of Johane Haryat 4d
Wellingborough Haryat see Denett
Wellingborough Wyllm Denett the same Wyllm for the stock Agnes Haryat 4d
Wellingborough Wyllm Denett the same Wyllm for the stock Margaret Haryat 4d
Wellingborough Wyllm Denett the same Wyllm for the stock of Elizabeth Haryet 4d
Wellingborough Isabell Hobson 18d widow
Wellingborough Isabell Hobson the same Isabell for the stock of Margaret Alson 4d widow
Wellingborough Alson see Hobson
Wellingborough Rychard Wattell for the stock of John Dyllyngton 12d
Wellingborough Geffrey Fyshar 18d
Wellingborough Henry Haryat 16d
Wellingborough Henry Haryat the same Henry and Thomas Samwell for the lands to the use of the fraternity or Our Lady 6d
Wellingborough Samwell see Haryat
Wellingborough Wyllm Hensman for lands to the use of a priest and deeds of charity 4d
Wellingborough John W(yort)
Wellingborough John W(yort) the same John for the goods to the use of John Kent, Thomas Kent & Agnes Kent 4d
Wellingborough Kent see W(yort)
Wellingborough Thomas Couper 10d
Wellingborough Thomas Couper the same Thomas for the stock of the children of Thomas Dykens 2d
Wellingborough Dykens see Couper
Wellingborough Henry Ball 12d
Wellingborough John Freeman 16d
Wellingborough Robt (Yarner) 12d
Wellingborough Wyllm Sherman 16d
Wellingborough Thomas Gylbert 10d
Wellingborough Wyllm Wood 10d
Wellingborough Thomas Woylche 16d
Wellingborough Henry Edlott 10d
Wellingborough Wyllm Denyng 12d
Wellingborough Wylmm _____
Wellingborough Wyllm Houghton
Wellingborough Wyllm (Ry)chell 1d
Wellingborough John (Foxton) 1d
Wellingborough John Pele 1d
Wellingborough Thomas Atkyns 1d
Wellingborough Thomas None 1d
Wellingborough Wyllm Styles 1d
Wellingborough John Bassett 1d (weaver)
Wellingborough Euseby Woodford 1d
Wellingborough Rychard (Denam) 1d
Wellingborough Edmund Pate 1d (glover)
Wellingborough John Barker 1d
Wellingborough John Palmer 1d
Wellingborough Henry Michell 1d
Wellingborough Thomas Bosyate 1d
Wellingborough Roger Keston 1d
Wellingborough Wyllm Ball 1d
Wellingborough John Wryght 1d
Wellingborough John Page 1d
Wellingborough Thomas Cocks 1d
Wellingborough Henry Myller 1d
Wellingborough John Houghton 1d
Wellingborough Robt Trantam 1d
Wellingborough John Barkoll 1d
Wellingborough Henry Sylverston 1d
Wellingborough James Wa___t 1d
Wellingborough Chrystofer _____ 1d
Wellingborough John _____ 1d
Wellingborough Thomas (Quynce) 1d
Wellingborough John ____er 1d
Wellingborough Thomas Bayle 1d
Wellingborough Chrystofer Wythmale 1d
Wellingborough Wyllm ____t 1d
Wellingborough Thomas _olborne 1d
Wellingborough (Edward) _____ 1d
Wellingborough John _____ 1d
Wellingborough Thomas _____ 1d
Wellingborough John _____ 3d
Wellingborough _____ 1d
Wellingborough (Humfry) A____ 1d
Great Doddington John Burgys 14d
Great Doddington Symon Hensmon 6d
Great Doddington John Pallady 12d
Great Doddington John Pallady the same John for the stock of John Neell 4d
Great Doddington John Pallady the same John for the stock of Margaret Neell 3d
Great Doddington Neell see Pallady
Great Doddington Wyllm Smythe 4d
Great Doddington John Hull 4d
Great Doddington Wyllm Dyk 3d
Great Doddington Rychard Dyk 10d
Great Doddington Wyllm Wells 4d
Great Doddington Thomas Wells 2d
Great Doddington Agnes Wells 10d widow
Great Doddington Rychard Gambull 14d
Great Doddington Wyllm Strages 2d
Great Doddington John Sumerley 2d
Great Doddington John Hyelyer 4d
Great Doddington John Carwell 2d
Great Doddington John Helmer 4d
Great Doddington Edward Pallady 2d
Great Doddington Wyllm Stallard 2d
Great Doddington Rychard Ball 2d
Great Doddington Thomas Hull 2d
Great Doddington Thomas Sherman 1.5d
Great Doddington John Barnewell 1.5d
Great Doddington Wyllm Roberts 1.5d
Great Doddington Thomas Gyer 2d
Great Doddington Wyllm Abbot 1.5d
Great Doddington John Barker 4d
Great Doddington Robt Holmer 1.5d
Great Doddington John Sant 1.5d Saut?
Great Doddington Isabell (Colls) 1d
Great Doddington Rychard Bar___
Great Doddington H____ (Roo)
Great Doddington Wyllm (Barker) 4d
Great Doddington John H____ 3d
Great Doddington Robt (Couper)
Great Doddington Wyllm P_____ 3d
Great Doddington Mychaell Est 3d poss Est__
Great Doddington John Harr__ 2d
Great Doddington Geffrey Bloffyld 2d
Great Doddington Thomas P(enne) 2d
Great Doddington James Dennet 2d
Great Doddington Rychard Carwell 2d
Great Doddington Henry Ball 2d
Great Doddington Wyllm Myles 2d
Great Doddington Thomas Haunche 1d
Great Doddington Thomas Estwoode 1d
Great Doddington John Depyng 1d
Great Doddington Rychard Prat 1d
Great Doddington Wyllm Thorp 1d
Great Doddington Rychard Cason 1d
Great Doddington Edwarde Gylberte 1d
Great Doddington Thomas Hy(che)cok 1d
Great Doddington Sum 14s 9.5d
Wilby Edmund Newnam 10d
Wilby Wyllm Cooke 18d
Wilby Hugh Bett 16d
Wilby Thomas Ragdale 16d
Wilby Alys Haye 14d
Wilby Rychard Rogers 4d
Wilby Robt Farrowe 4d
Wilby Edward Hackney 14d
Wilby John Hakney 10d
Wilby Wyllm Ragdale 4d
Wilby Margery Ragdale 1d
Wilby John Althorpe 2d
Wilby Rychard Stoweton 2d
Wilby Thomas Hypwell 1.5d
Wilby Henry (Lo)rde 1d
Wilby Margaret Farowe 2d
Sum 9s 11.5d
Mears Ashby Wyllm Spencer 10d
Mears Ashby Rychard Ward 1d
Mears Ashby John Pharoo 12d
Mears Ashby Thomas Martyn 2d
Mears Ashby John Swyfte 2d
Mears Ashby may be cut off at this point but may be complete
The sum total of the hundred of Hamfordshoe (5l 6s 3d)
The sum total of both hundreds 16l 7s 11d The other hundred mentioned is Rothwell hundred which also appears on this roll.