Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 5: Essex (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

ESSEX (County of)

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Volume 5, chart between pages 116 and 117:
[married 1stly] Piers de Lutegareshale.
[by whom she had] Robert fitz Piers, of Cherhill : 1st son :d. s.p. 1185 or 1186
[who married] Perronelle : living 17 Oct. 1198 (m., 2, Eustace de Baillol, of Barnard Castle, who was dead in 1211).
[and Maud also had by Piers] Geoffrey fitz Piers, Earl of Essex : d. 14 Oct. 1213. [etc]
[Maud married 2ndly] Hugh de Boclande, of Buckland : living 1176. [etc]

Douglas Richardson, in April 2003, posted a charter of Maud and her son Robert fitz Piers, from which it is clear that both of them survived Maud's second husband, Hugh de Boclande [citing K. A. Hanna, ed., The Cartularies of Southwick Priory, Part I (Hampshire Record Series, vol. 9), p. 68 (1988)].

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Volume 5, chart between pages 116 and 117:
[Children of Geoffrey fitz Piers, Earl of Essex (d. 1213) by his 2nd wife Aveline, daughter of Roger de Clare, Earl of Hertford]
John fitz Geoffrey: d. 23 Nov. 1258

Apparently a daughter of Geoffrey married (----) de la Rochelle (see FitzJohn, volume 5, page 433, note e).

Volume 5, chart between pages 116 and 117:
William de Say : d. Aug. 1144.

Complete Peerage, vol. 11, p. 464, notes that Henry of Huntingdon says he and Geoffrey de Mandeville, earl of Essex, were killed in August 1144, but note f summarises evidence that William survived Geoffrey (who did not die until September 1144). Keats-Rohan, Domesday Descendants, p. 681, refers to the same evidence as proving his survival "by a few years", and dates his death to c. 1155 (although elsewhere she repeats the traditional date).

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