Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 1: Summary

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ABERGAVENNY or (as it was at one time styled) BERGAVENNY

Volume 1, pages 21, 22 (as modified by volume 14):
William de Briouze (living 1179):

[The father of his wife Bertha, Miles of Gloucester, was Earl of Hereford, not Gloucester.]

Volume 1, page 22:
Reynold de Briouze (d. 1227 or 1228):

[The identity of the mother of his wife, Gwladus Du, is a matter of debate. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 1, page 99 and note c:
John (Stratford), Earl of Aldborough (d. 1823):

The date of death of his widow Elizabeth was 29 January 1845, not 1846.


Volume 1, page 149:
Gilbert de Umfreville, son of Gilbert de Umfreville, Earl of Angus (d. 1307):

Thomas de Clare, the father of his wife, Margaret, was a younger son of Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford [d. 1262].

Volume 1, page 149 (as modified by volume 14):
Robert (de Umfreville), Earl of Angus and Lord Umfreville (d. 1325):

It is not clear whether Lucy was Philip's heir in her issue, as she had a sister Agnes who left issue, and it is unknown whether this issue became extinct.

Volume 1, page 157:
Archibald (Douglas), Earl of Angus (d. 1556/7):

His first wife is called Margaret in the marriage contract.


Volume 1, page 196, note b:
The family:

K.S.B. Keats-Rohan says that the family came from Argentan, in the département of Orne.

Volume 1, page 196:
Reynold d'Argentine (d.1307/8):

The date 1292 given for the death of his wife, Lora, seems to be an error, and the place of her burial is doubtful.

Volume 1, page 197:
John d'Argentine (d. 1382):

His daughter and coheir Maud had previously been married to John Ferrers and Sir Richard de Merton (d. 1370), and as the widow of Sir Richard she had licence in 1372 to marry Sir Ives FitzWarin.

ARUNDEL (co. Sussex)

Volume 1, page 233 (as modified by volume 14):
William d'Aubigny, son and heir of William d'Aubigny (d. 1139):

[He may have been born in the middle of, rather than early in, the reign of Henry I; K.S.B. Keats-Rohan suggests that Roger le Bigod, father of his wife Maud, had only one wife (PROPOSED)]

Volume 1, page 240:
John Fitz Alan (living 1292):

[His marriage to Isabel, daughter of Roger de Mortimer, was contracted before 14 May 1260 (PROPOSED)]

Volume 1, page 241 and note e:
Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel (d. 1301/2):

[Further information on the ancestry of his wife, Alesia (PROPOSED)]

Volume 1, page 241:
Richard Fitz Alan, later Earl of Arundel (d.1301/2):

He and his wife, Alesia, were buried at Haughmond Abbey, Shropshire.

Volume 1, page 242:
Edmund (Fitz Alan), Earl of Arundel (ex. 1326):

His body was initially buried in the Franciscan church at Hereford, but later reburied at Haughmond Abbey, Shropshire.

Volume 1, page 244:
Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel (d. 1375/6):

[The age, 70, given at his death, conflicts with a earlier statement that he was born about 1313 (PROPOSED)]

Volume 1, page 244, note b (as corrected in volume 14):
Richard Fitz Alan, 10th Earl of Arundel (d.1375/6):

He probably had only a son, Edmund, by his first wife, Isabel. Edmund had at least three daughters: (1) Elizabeth, who married 1stly Sir Leonard Carew and 2ndly Sir John de Meriet, and d. 1385 or 1386; (2) Philippa, who married 1stly Sir Richard Sergeaux and 2ndly Sir John Cornwall, and d. 1399; (3) Katherine, who married .... Deincourt, and d. before 12 February 1381/2. The wife of John, 4th Lord Strange of Blackmere, was called Mary not Isabel, and was a daughter of Edmund, the 9th earl, not Richard, the 10th.

Volume 1, page 245:
Philippe, widow of Richard (Fitz Alan), Earl of Arundel (d. 1397):

[Her marriage to Thomas Poynings must have taken place by 6 December 1398 (PROPOSED)]

Volume 1, page 250:
William (Fitz Alan), Earl of Arundel (d. 1543/4):

[Elizabeth, said to be his first wife, would presumably be the same Elizabeth Willoughby who had previously been the wife of Sir John Dinham (d. 1500/1). (PROPOSED)]


Volume 1, pages 285, 286:
Sir Walter Aston, Bart, later Lord Aston of Forfar (d. 1639):

[He had a first clandestine marriage, to one Anne Barnes, which was dissolved in 1600, Anne Barnes having been committed to the Fleet Prison (PROPOSED)]

ATHOLL or ATHOLE sometimes anciently called ASCELES

Volume 1, page 304:
Malcolm, Earl of Atholl [d. between 1186 and 1198]:

[Malcolm is stated in the Durham Liber Vitæ to be the son of Mad[ach], the father's name Malcolm being a misreading. The Scots Peerage says that the father of his wife, Hextild, was "Uchtred (or Godrith), son of Waldeve of Tynedale". (PROPOSED)]

Volume 1, page 308, note e (continuation on page 309):
Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of David (of Strathbogie), Earl of Atholl (d. 1369):

Her marriage to Sir John le Scrope took place before 16 September 1388.

Volume 1, page 309:
Elizabeth, widow of David (of Strathbogie), Earl of Atholl (he d. 1369):

Her marriage to John Malewayn took place by 21 September 1373; he died soon before 19 June 1377.


Volume 1, page 325 and note i (as modified by volume 14):
Sir William Aton (d. by 1388/9):

He died between 1386 - apparently September or October - and 7 March 1388/9.

Volume 1, page 326 and note c:
Sir William Aton (d. by 1388/9):

[His daughter Elizabeth died between 25 April and 1 May 1402. (PROPOSED)]

AUDLEY or ALDITHLEY (of Heleigh)

Volume 1, page 341:
John Tuchet, Lord Audley (d. 1408):

His wife, Isabel, survived him, and was to be assigned dower, 3 May 1409.

Volume 1, page 342 (as modified by volume 14):
James (Tuchet), Lord Audley (d. 1497):

[Sir Richard Dayrell, the father of his wife, Margaret, is stated to be of Littlecote (in the parish of Ramsbury), Wiltshire, not of Lillingstone Dayrell. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 1, page 346:
Hugh Audley, Earl of Gloucester (d. 1347):

His mother Isolt was not a Mortimer, but was a daughter of Roger le Rus or Rous.

Volume 1, page 347:
Sir Ralph Stafford:

He did not die about 1358, but was dead by 1347.

AUDLEY (of Stratton Audley)

Volume 1, pages 347, 348 (as modified by volume 14) and note e:
Hugh Audley (d. 1325 or 1325/6):

His wife Isolt was not a Mortimer, but was a daughter of Roger le Rus or Rous. She did not bring the manor of Thornbury, Herefordshire, to the Audleys.


Volume 1, page 372 (as corrected in volume 14):
Bartholomew of Badlesmere, later Lord Badlesmere (d.1322):

Thomas de Clare, the father of his wife, Margaret, was a younger son of Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford [d. 1262], as originally stated. Margaret's mother, Julian, is described as the heir of her father, Sir Maurice Fitz Maurice.


Volume 1, page 382:
Robert Bruce of Kennet (d. 1864):

His first wife was a daughter of William Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise, by his second wife Anne, daughter of John Campbell of Clathick.

Volume 1, page 382:
Robert Bruce of Kennet (d. 1864):

His second marriage took place on 25 April 1848 at Edinburgh. His wife's name was Jane Hamilton Ferguson and she died on 11 April 1885 at Edinburgh.


Volume 1, page 386 and note d:
Edward Balliol, formerly crowned King of Scotland (d. between May 1363 and September 1365):

[The four heirs named apear to have been his aunts, not his sisters. The wife of John Comyn was apparently called Eleanor, not Mary. (PROPOSED)]