Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 2: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.

BASSET (of Drayton)

Volume 2, pages 2, 3:
Ralph (Basset), Lord Basset of Drayton (d. 1342/3):

[His wife Joan appears to have been the daughter of John de Grey by his wife Maud, apparently the daughter of John de Verdun. (PROPOSED)]

BASSET (of Weldon)

Volume 2, page 11 and note c:
Ralph Basset (d. c. 1341):

[His wife, Joan, is described as the kinswoman of William le Latimer, knight, "bailiff in the fee of the hundred of Corby". (PROPOSED)]

BEAUCHAMP (of Bletsoe)

Volume 2, page 44:
Roger Beauchamp (d.1379/80):

It is chronologically impossible for him to have been a younger son of Giles Beauchamp (living 1346), of Powick, co. Worcester.

Volume 2, page 44, as corrected by volume 14, page 75:
Roger Beauchamp (d.1379/80):

His first wife, Sibyl, must have been much older than 20 in 1359.

Volume 2, page 44:
Roger Beauchamp (d.1379/80):

His first wife, Sibyl, was still living 13 October 1367 and in Michaelmas Term 1372.

Volume 2, page 44:
Roger Beauchamp (d.1379/80):

[His second wife, Margaret, was the widow of Sir Thomas de Graunson [Grandison], knight; she is stated to have died in October 1394, leaving as heir her brother William de Caru. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, pages 46, 47:
John Beauchamp (d. before 1431):

The surname of his wife, Catherine, was "Usflete" or "Ousflete".

Volume 2, page 47:
John Beauchamp, Baron Beauchamp of Powick (d.1475):

His wife, Margaret, was probably the daughter of Sir Edmund Ferrers of Chartley (d.1435).

BEAUCHAMP (of Somerset)

Volume 2, page 50, note a:
Elizabeth, daughter of John de Meriet (he d. 1391):

[Evidence suggests that she died between 23 October 1395 and 20 December 1395. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 60:
Henry Beaumont (d. 1339/40):

[Further examples of his being styled Earl of Buchan and Moray, in 1333 and 1334. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, page 61:
John (Beaumont), Lord Beaumont (d. 1342):

[There is evidence that he died 14 April 1342 at a tournament at Northampton. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, page 62:
John (Beaumont), Lord Beaumont [d.1460]:

The date of his birth is given as 16 August 1410.

BEDFORD (County)

Volume 2, page 70:
Ingelram de Coucy, Earl of Bedford (d. 1396/7):

His second marriage must have taken place after 5 October 1382, when his first wife died.

Volume 2, page 76:
Francis (Russell), Earl of Bedford (d. 1585):

[There is evidence that his first wife, Margaret, was the widow of William (not Sir John) Gostwick, only son and heir of Sir John Gostwick, of Willington, Beds. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, pages 123, 124 and note b:
Roger de Berkeley (d. 1093)
Roger de Berkeley (d. before Michaelmas, 1131)
Roger de Berkeley (d. about 1170):

[Differences and additions from the work of K.S.B. Keats-Rohan (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, page 130 (as modified by volume 14):
Thomas (de Berkeley), Lord Berkeley (d. 1361):

[His wife Margaret is stated to have been born 2 May 1304. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, page 130:
Maurice (de Berkeley), Lord Berkeley (d. 1368):

[She may have remarried to Sir Maurice Wyth. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, page 132:
James (de Berkeley), Lord Berkeley (d. 1463):

His wife, Isabel, is elsewhere stated to have been younger than her sister Margaret.

Volume 2, page 135:
Anne, widow of William (de Berkeley), Lord Berkeley (d. 1491/2):

Her remarriage to Sir Thomas Brandon took place by 16 May 1496.


Volume 2, page 153 (as corrected in volume 14):
Sir John Bourchier, Lord Berners (d. 1474):

Philippe, the mother of his wife Margery, was the daughter of Walter Dalyngridge, the younger brother of Sir Edward.


Volume 2, page 202, note i:
Master William du Bois (d. c. 1312/3):

[In addition to Isabel, he appears to have had another sister, who was the wife of Thomas Corbet of Hadley, Shropshire, (d. c. 1300). (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 231:
William le Botiler (d. 1283):

His widow Angharad remarried to Robert de Neville, and both appeared with him in 1299.

Volume 2, page 232:
William le Botiler (d. 1334):

His wife Ela left male issue at her death, which later became extinct.


Volume 2, page 233 (as modified by volume 14):
John de Botetourt [d. 1324]:

He was stated in 1326 to have been the son of Guy de Botetourt (rather than an illegitimate son of Edward I).

Volume 2, page 235 (as modified by volume 14):
John (de Botetourt), Lord Botetourt (d. 1385), and his son John (d. 1369):

[The elder John seems to have had only one wife, Joyce Zouche, and his son married Maud, daughter of John, 1st (not 2nd) Lord Grey of Rotherfield, by his 2nd wife Avice Marmion. Maud remarried, before 13 June 1374, to Sir Thomas de Harcourt, of Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 242 and note e:
William (de Botreaux), Lord Botreaux (d. 1462):

[There is some doubt as to whether his wife, Margaret, was the daughter of Thomas, 8th Lord Ros (d. 1430). (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 273:
Thomas de Bradeston, grandson and heir of Thomas de Bradeston (d. 1360):

He was born 19 May 1353. His mother Isabel seems not to have been a de la Pole; further details of her marital history.


Volume 2, page 308:
Sir Thomas de Brewose (d. 1361):

On 20 July 1322 he was delivered into imprisonment for adherence to the rebels, and was ordered to be delivered to Ralph de Cobham on 30 October 1322.


Volume 2, page 311:
Henry Daubeney, later Earl of Bridgwater (d. 1548):

[There is evidence that his first wife, Elizabeth Nevill, was not the only child of her parents. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 346:
George Browne (d. 1729):

[He died at Pavia, Italy, not Paris. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, page 346, note c:
George Browne (d. 1729):

[The Russian Field Marshal, George, 1st Count von Browne, is stated elsewhere to be his second cousin. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, page 346:
Ulysses Browne, (d. 1731):

[Details of his mariage and daughter. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 361 (as modified by volume 14):
Guy de Bryan (d. 1390):

His age at is father's death is given as 30 years and more, not 40 years and more.

Volume 2, page 361, note h (continuation on pages 362, 363):
Identity of Elizabeth, the wife of Robert FitzPayn:

She was a daughter of the elder Guy de Bryan (d. 1390).

Volume 2, page 362 (as modified by volume 14):
Sir Guy de Bryan, 1st son and heir apparent of Guy de Bryan (d. 1390):

Elsewhere his wife, Alice, is identified as the daughter and heir of Sir Robert de Bures, of Bures St. Mary, Suffolk. His will was proved at Rampisham, Dorset, on 30 March 1386.


Volume 2, page 376:
Henry Beaumont (d. 1339/40):

[Further examples of his being styled Earl of Buchan and Moray, in 1333 and 1334. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 414:
Ralph de Bulmer (died in or before 1356):

Apparently he was a younger son of John de Bulmer, not his son and heir.

Volume 2, pages 414, 415 (as corrected in volume 14):
Ralph de Bulmer (died in or before 1356):

His widow Alice, the mother of his son and heir, was almost certainly a different woman from Alice, the widow of Walter de Fauconberg, whom he had married before 11 February 1318/9.

BURGH, BOURGH, or BOROUGH (of Gainsborough)

Volume 2, page 422:
Thomas Burgh (d. 1495/6):

[There is some doubt as to whether his wife, Margaret, was the widow of William (de Botreaux), Lord Botreaux (d. 1462). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, pages 422 and 423, as corrected in volume 14, and page 422, note c:
Edward (Burgh), Lord Burgh (d.1528):

His wife, Anne, the daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Cobham, could not have been the daughter of Elizabeth Chidiok; she was presumably the daughter of Sir Thomas' subsequent wife Anne, daughter of Humphrey (Stafford), Duke of Buckingham. Further details of her age and that of her first husband, Edward (Blount), Baron Mountjoy.


Volume 2, page 425:
Robert Burghersh (d. 1306):

The identity of the mother of his wife Maud is unknown.

Volume 2, page 426:
Bartholomew Burghersh (d. 1355):

[Elsewhere he is stated to have died at Dover, Kent, and to have been buried in the chantry of St. Catharine at Lincoln. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 2, page 427 (as modified by volume 14):
Bartholomew (Burghersh), Lord Burghersh (d. 1369):

His 2nd wife Margaret was the daughter and coheir of Thomas Gisors of London.


Volume 2, page 435 (as corrected by volume 14):
Hugh (Burnell), Lord Burnell (born c. 1347, died 1420):

His wife in 1370 was named Elizabeth.

Volume 2, page 435, note f (continued on page 436; as modified by volume 14):
Edward Burnell (d. 1415):

[His first wife, Alienore, has been identified as the daughter of John, 6th Lord Strange of Knockyn and his wife Maud (3rd and youngest daughter and coheir of John, 2nd Lord Mohun). It has been suggested that his second marriage took place in 1415, so that his daughters would be children of his first marriage. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 448:
Theobald Butler (d.1230):

His second wife, Rohese, was the widow of William Perceval de Somery (dead before 20 June 1222).

Volume 2, page 448, note d:
Theobald Butler (d.1230):

It was Richard d'Amundeville, a subsequent husband of his daughter Maud, who was living in 1286/7, not her previous husband, John Fitz Alan.

Volume 2, page 449:
Theobald Butler (d. 1285):

His widow Joan died 4 April 1303.

CAMBRIDGE (county of)

Volume 2, page 494:
Richard "of Conisburgh", Earl of Cambridge (d. 1415):

[It has been suggested that he was born in 1385, not "about 1375", and also that he may have been fathered on the Duchess of York by John Holland, Earl of Huntingdon. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 2, page 507:
Thomas de Camoys (d. 1372):

His wife Margaret was one of the six sisters and coheirs of Sir Thomas Rocelyn.