Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 3: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.


Volume 3, page 113, as corrected in volume 14:
Nicholas de Cauntelo, Lord Cauntelo (d. 1355):

He married his wife, Joan, widow of Sir William de Kyme of Kyme, Lincolnshire, and daughter of Sir Humphrey de Littlebury, in or about early 1341, Sir William having died died 21 March 1338. Nicholas and Joan were apparently buried in the Cantilupe chapel in Lincoln Cathedral.


Volume 3, page 152:
Thomas Brugge or a Bruggis (d. 1492/3):

His marriage to Florence, da. of William Darell, probably took place about 28 May 1453.

Volume 3, page 152:
Isabel, wife of Sir Giles Brugge or a Bruggis (d. 1511):

She remarried, before 20 June 1517, to Sir Nicholas Wadham; she was still living, 24 June 1519.

CLARE (honour of)

Volume 3, page 243:
Adeliz, wife of Richard FitzGilbert (d. 1136):

It has been suggested that she remarried to Robert de Condet (d. 10 October, perhaps 1140).

CLARE [England]

Volume 3, page 246, note b:
Gilbert de Clare (d. 1307):

[His wife, Isabel, was the daughter of Hugh (le Despenser), Earl of Winchester, by Isabel, daughter of William (de Beauchamp), Earl of Warwick. She remarried, by 1312, to John de Hastings, knight, lord of Bergavenny, and was later the wife of Ralph de Monthermer (d. 1325). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 3, page 246, 247, as corrected in volume 14, and note c:
Richard de Clare, brother and heir of Gilbert de Clare:

His father, Thomas, was a younger son of Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford (d. 1262). Richard's widow Joan seems to have still been living 12 May 1348.


Volume 3, page 292 and note d:
Roger (de Clifford), Lord Clifford (d. 1389):

The Clifford family of Chudleigh descended from a nephew of Lewis Clifford, not from Lewis himself. Lewis Clifford may have been related to the Cliffords of Devon.


Volume 3, page 315:
William (de Clinton), Lord Clinton (d. 1431):

At their marriage, his third wife Mary was the widow of both Sir Henry Retford (who died shortly before 16 June 1409) and Sir John Heron of Eppleton, county Durham (who died 12 September 1420).


Volume 3, page 335, as corrected by volume 14:
Isabel, daughter and heir of Ellis de Say:

Her husband was William FitzAlan (d. 1160). Their son William FitzAlan died in 1210 and was succeeded by his son William (d. 1215), whose brother and heir was John FitzAlan.

COBHAM (of Kent)

Volume 3, page 344:
Margaret, wife of John (de Cobham), Lord Cobham (which John d. 1407/8):

[She died in 1395, not 1385. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 3, page 345:
Joan, suo jure Baroness Cobham, daughter and heir of Sir John de la Pole:

[Further evidence about the date of death of her mother, Joan, only child of John, Lord Cobham. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 3, page 346:
Edward (Brooke), Lord Cobham (d. 1464):

It seems likely that his wife, Elizabeth, was the daughter of James Tuchet, Lord Audley, by his 1st wife, Margaret Roos, not his second. (His second wife was the illegitimate daughter of Edmund (de Holland), 4th Earl of Kent, not of Thomas de Holland.)

Volume 3, page 346:
Edward (Brooke), Lord Cobham (d. 1464):

His widow Joan remarried secondly to to Robert Palmer, esquire; both were alive 12 October 1479.

COBHAM (of Sterborough)

Volume 3, page 353:
Reynold (de Cobham), Lord Cobham, only s. and h. of Reynold de Cobham (d. 1361):

He is stated to have been born 8 June 1348 at Sterborough, and baptised at "Etonbrigge".

Volume 3, page 354:
Elizabeth, 1st wife of Reynold (de Cobham), Lord Cobham (d. 1403):

She died 7 August 1375, not 1376.

Volume 3, page 354 (as modified by volume 14):
Reynold (de Cobham), Lord Cobham (d. 1403):

His 2nd marriage is stated to have taken place 9 August 1380, the couple being later divorced and separated, 26 September 1384, before being remarried, 29 September 1384 at Trottiscliffe, Kent.

Volume 3, page 354 and note c:
Sir Reynold (de Cobham), Lord Cobham (d. 1446):

His elder brother John must have died before 6 July 1403.

Volume 3, page 354:
Sir Reynold de Cobham (d. 1446):

His 2nd marriage must have taken place between 7 November 1421 and 9 July 1422.

Volume 3, page 355, as corrected in volume 14:
Sir Thomas de Cobham (d.1471):

He married secondly Anne, widow of Aubrey de Veer (ex. 1461/2), and daughter of Humphrey (Stafford), Duke of Buckingham (which marriage was deleted by volume 14), who was presumably the mother of his daughter and heir.


Volume 3, page 404:
William Conyers, Lord Conyers (d. 1524):

His marriage to Anne Nevill took place after 11 November 1494. The mother of his wife Anne was named Isabel, not Margaret.

Volume 3, page 404:
Christopher (Conyers), Lord Conyers, son and heir of William (Conyers), Lord Conyers (d. 1524):

According to early visitation pedigrees, his mother was Anne (Neville), the daughter of Ralph, Earl of Westmorland.

CORNWALL (County of)

Volume 3, page 434:
Sir Piers de Gavaston, earl of Cornwall (d. 1312):

[There is evidence that he was married 1 (not 3) November 1307. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 3, page 434, note c (as modified in volume 14):
Sir Piers de Gavaston, earl of Cornwall (d. 1312):

[The parentage of Amy de Gavaston continues to be debated, but she was clearly not a legitimate daughter of Piers de Gavaston and Margaret de Clare. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 3, page 542:
Nicholas de Criol (d. 1303):

The Margery de Criol whose will was dated 1319 was his stepmother, not his widow of the same name. The evidence suggests that she was the daughter of Simon de Cray, that she had a son, Bertram, and probably a daughter, Margery, by the elder Nicholas de Criol, and that she subsequently had four more daughters by a member of the Clifford family. Nicholas had six sons by his wife Margery. After his death she married Ralph le Savage.