Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 4: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.

DARCY (of Darcy or of Temple Hurst)

Volume 4, page 74:
Thomas Darcy, Lord Darcy (d. 1537):

Vol. 11, p. 441, cites evidence that the mother of his 2nd wife Edith Sandys was named Margaret, not Elizabeth, Cheney.

Volume 4, page 74:
Thomas Darcy, Lord Darcy (d. 1537):

[Apparently his first wife, Dowsabel, could not have been living in 1503, but must have died by 7 December 1499. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 4, page 120 and note b:
Sir Edmund Deincourt, Lord Deincourt (d. 1326/7):

[It cannot be the case that the mother of his children was a daughter of Isabel, da. of William (de Ferrers), Earl of Derby, as the account implies. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 4, page 122:
Sir William Deincourt, son and heir apparent of William Deincourt, Lord Deincourt (d. 1364):

He died shortly before 13 June 1360.


Volume 4, page 131, note a:
John de Daiville (living 1228):

[There is evidence that his mother was Julian de Montfort, daughter of Thurstan de Montfort by Julian Murdac, daughter of Geoffrey Murdac. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 4, page 147:
Roger (la Warre), Lord la Warre (d. 1370):

His widow, Alianore, must have remarried to Sir Lewis Clifford by 13 October 1372.

Volume 4, page 156 (as corrected by volume 14):
Thomas (West), Lord la Warre (d. 1525):

He seems to have married firstly Eleanor, a daughter of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1461). His subsequent wife, Elizabeth Mortimer, died 29 June 1502, and his son, Thomas, seems to have been born around 1481. Further minor corrections.

Volume 4, page 162:
John (West), Earl de la Warr (b. 1729):

[He was born 9 May, and baptised 3 June, 1729 at Salehurst, Sussex. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 4, page 173 (as modified by volume 14):
Christopher Nugent, Baron of Delvin (d. 1478) and Richard (Nugent), Baron Delvin [I.], his son and heir:

[Note of severe chronological difficulties concerning both their wives. (PROPOSED)]

DERBY (County of)

Volume 4, pages 193, 194 (as modified by volume 14) and note e:
William (de Ferrieres), Earl of Derby (d. 1190):

The identification of his wife, Sibyl, as a daughter of William de Braiose (removed by volume 14) is sound, but a reference to a Sibyl de Ferrers in September 1228 relates to a different woman, as may the one from February 1227/8.

Volume 4, page 208:
Thomas (Stanley), later Earl of Derby (d. 1521):

Evidence that a marriage between him and Elizabeth, daughter of John (Welles), Lord Welles was being arranged in 1498, but Elizabeth died later in the year. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 4, page 290:
Sir Philip le Despenser (d. 1424):

His mother-in-law, Margaret, should be placed a generation earlier in the Deincourt family.

Volume 4, page 291 and note h:
Margery, daughter of Sir Philip le Despenser (d. 1424):

[Her second husband, Roger Wentworthe is elsewhere stated to have died 21 October 1452. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 4, pages 309, 310 and note a:
Richard de Reviers (d. 1107):

Correction and speculation about his parentage.

Volume 4, pages 313, 314:
Baldwin (de Reviers), Earl of Devon (d. 1188):

[His widow, Denise, had remarried by 1205 to William, Count of Sancerre. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 4, page 317 (chart pedigree):
Renaud de Courtenay (living 1161):

[There is evidence suggesting that Reynald de Courtenay of Sutton, Berkshire, was different from the Seigneur of Courtenay of the same name. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 4, page 323 (as modified by volume 14):
Hugh de Courtenay, Earl of Devon (d. 1340):

His paternal grandmother, Isabel de Veer, was dead by 7 January 1290/1.

Volume 4, page 326 (as modified by volume 14):
Alienor, wife of Sir Edward de Courtenay (he d. c. 1418):

She died between 18 January 1419/20, and 16 June 1422.

Volume 4, page 326:
Thomas (de Courtenay), Earl of Devon (b. 1414):

He was born 3 May 1414.


Volume 4, page 348 (as modified by volume 14) and note a:
Elizabeth, widow of William (Cavendish), Duke of Devonshire (d. 1811):

She was survived by her illegitimate children, and also had children by her first husband.


Volume 4, page 371 and note a:
Sir Oliver de Dinham (d. 1298/9):

His wife Isabel was dead by 7 January 1290/1.

Volume 4, page 373 and note b:
Margaret, wife of Sir John de Dinham (he d. 1332):

[She has been identified as a member of the Botreaux family. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 4, page 374 (as modified by volume 14):
Sir John de Dinham (d. 1382/3):

He was married to Muriel de Courtenay by 27 March 1357.

Volume 4, page 374:
Sir John de Dinham (d. 1428):

His second marriage, to Maud the widow of Piers de la Mare, must have taken place after 1 August 1396 (by which date Piers was dead).

Volume 4, page 380 (as modified by volume 14):
Elizabeth, wife of Sir John Dinham (d. 1500/1):

[Presumably she is the same Elizabeth Willoughby who is said to have married, as his first wife, William (Fitz Alan), Earl of Arundel (d. 1543/4). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 4, page 381, and page 382, note a:
Sir John Dinham (d. 1500/1):

[Sir Edmund Carew, husband of his sister Margery, appears to have been the son of Nicholas Carew, of Ottery Mohun, etc., Devon, not of Sir John Carew. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 4, pages 419, 420, and page 420, note a:
Thomas (Grey), Marquess of Dorset (d. 1530):

[Supporting evidence for his previous marriage to Eleanor, daughter of Oliver St. John. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 4, Appendix G, page 615:
Richard Ingoldsby (d. 1685):

[His maternal grandmother, Elizabeth, was the daughter of Sir Thomas (not Sir Henry) Bromley, Lord Chancellor (d. 1587). (PROPOSED)]