Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 5: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.


Volume 5, chart pedigree near page 72:
Sibyl, daughter of Ralph de Chesney:

[She seems to have been the granddaughter, not the daughter, of the Domesday tenant, Ralph de Chesney. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, chart pedigree near page 72:
Viel Engaine (living 1130):

[K. S. B. Keats-Rohan proposes that he married firstly a daughter of William de Lisures, who was the mother of his son Fulk de Lisures, and secondly a daughter of Fulk the sheriff, the mother of his son Richard Engaine. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 5, pages 88, 89 and page 89, note a:
Thomas Erdington (d. 1433/4):

[The mother of his first wife was a daughter of Sir John de Grey, of Rotherfield (1st Lord Grey), by his second wife, Avice Marmion. (PROPOSED)]

ESSEX (County of)

Volume 5, pages 113, 114 and notes:
Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex (d. 1144):

His father William de Mandeville was probably dead by May 1116, and there is evidence suggesting that Geoffrey's mother was indeed a daughter of Eoun de Rie, and that she remarried to Othuer fitz Earl (d. 25 November 1120), an illegitimate son of Hugh, Earl of Chester.

Volume 5, pages 114, 115:
Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex (d. 1144):

Revisions to chronology, and to his career during the conflict between Stephen and Maud.

Volume 5, chart between pages 116 and 117:
Maud, wife of Piers de Lutegareshale:

[Evidence that Maud and her son, Robert fitz Piers, survived Maud's second husband, Hugh de Boclande. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, chart between pages 116 and 117:
Geoffrey fitz Piers, Earl of Essex (d. 1213):

He is stated to have had also a daughter Alice (d. by 8 January 1226/7), by his first wife Beatrice.

Volume 5, chart between pages 116 and 117:
Geoffrey fitz Piers, Earl of Essex (d. 1213):

[Apparently he had a daughter who married (----) de la Rochelle. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, chart between pages 116 and 117:
William de Say (d. in or after 1144):

[There is evidence that he died later than August 1144. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 5, page 176:
Sir William Bourghchier, Count of Eu (d. 1420):

His father, Sir William (d. 1375), was a younger son of Robert Bourchier (d.1349), and thus an uncle, not a brother, of Bartholomew.


Volume 5, page 204:
Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter (d. 1426):

By his wife Margaret he had a son Henry, who died before his parents.

Volume 5, pages 208, 209 and 211 (as modified by volume 14):
John Holand, Duke of Exeter (d. 1447):

The monument commemorating him and his first and third wives is now in the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula in the Tower of London.


Volume 5, page 254:
Sir John Cornwall, later Lord Fanhope (d.1443):

He had married previously, before 20 April 1399, Philippa, widow of Sir Richard Sergeaux (d.1393) and daughter and coheir of Sir Edmund de Arundel; she died 13 September 1399.


Volume 5, page 276 and note g; page 278:
Sir Thomas Faucomberge (d. 1407):

[He was married to his first wife, Constance, by 21 Sept 1354; further discussion of her parentage. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 5, page 294 and note e:
Sir William de Felton (d. 1358):

Additional information on his marriages and children.


Volume 5, page 308 and note c:
Sir John de Ferrers, Lord Ferrers (d.1312):

His wife, Hawise, must have been the daughter of Sir Robert de Muscegros by a wife previous to Agnes, as Agnes was the daughter of William de Ferrers, earl of Derby, by Margaret, the daughter of Roger de Quency.

Volume 5, page 324:
Sir Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers (d. 1485):

[His second wife Jane is stated to be the widow of Thomas Ilam, mercer and alderman of London (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, pages 324, 325:
Sir Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers (d. 1485):

His widow Jane was remarried to Thomas Poyntz by 11 June 1500, and they were both still living 26 February 1520/1.


Volume 5, page 344:
Sir William de Ferrers (d. 1324/5):

[Supporting evidence for the identity of his wife, Ellen. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, pages 357, 358 (as modified by volume 14) and note b (continuation on page 358):
Sir Henry Ferrers, son of William (de Ferrers), Lord Ferrers of Groby (d. 1445):

Elsewhere it is suggested that his wife, Isabel, was the younger, not the elder, daughter of Thomas (Moubray), Duke of Norfolk.


Volume 5, page 373 (as modified by volume 14):
Malcolm [Macduff?], Earl of Fife (d. 1266):

[It is suggested that he had two wives, firstly an unidentified daughter of Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, and secondly Helen, who survived him (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, page 374 and note e:
Duncan, Earl of Fife (b. c. 1285):

Confirmation that there was only one generation here, not two.

Volume 5, page 374 and note f; page 375:
Isabel, suo jure Countess of Fife (d. after 12 August 1389):

[Several corrections, including the fact that she married firstly Sir William de Felton of Edlingham, not William Ramsay, of Colluthie. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, page 375:
Robert (Stewart), Earl of Menteith and of Fife:

Note on the date when he became Earl of Fife.

FITZALAN (of Oswestry)

Volume 5, page 391 and note h:
William FitzAlan, of Oswestry (d. 1160) and succeeding generations:

Several corrections and additions, including that Isabel, the daughter of Elias de Say, married the first William FitzAlan (d. 1160), not his son William.


Volume 5, page 393, note d (as modified by volume 14):
Brian fitz Alan (d. c. 1171):

The description of him as living in 1242 should evidently refer to his grandson of the same name.


Volume 5, page 400, note b:
Ralph fitz Bernard (d. before 10 June 1238):

He, not his son John, married Joan, daughter and coheir of Robert Aguillon. It is unlikely that she was the mother of his son John.


Volume 5, chart between pages 432 and 433:
Robert, Lord Willoughby (d. 1452):

[The first wife, Joan, given here, is not mentioned in the article on Willoughby. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 5, page 433, note e, and page 437 (chart pedigree):
John fitz Geoffrey (d. 1258):

[There is evidence that he had a sister who married a Rochelle. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 5, pages 485, 486:
John Radcliffe (d. 1461):

John (Dinham), Lord Dinham, the subsequent husband of his widow, strictly speaking died without surviving issue, not without issue.


Volume 5, page 493:
Sir Robert fitz Walter (d. c. 1291):

His wife, Petronilla de Crey, occurs 1 November 1284.


Volume 5, page 580 and note h:
Sir Thomas de Furnivalle [d. 1291]:

[There is evidence to identify his wife, Berta, as the daughter of William (de Ferrers), Earl of Derby (d. 1247). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, page 590 (as modified by volume 14):
Thomas de Neville (d. 1406/7):

Mary, the mother of his wife Ankarette, was the daughter of Edmund, the 9th earl of Arundel, not Richard, the 10th earl.

Volume 5, page 591:
Maud Neville (d. 1421):

[Her marriage to John Talbot took place by 8 March 1406/7. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 5, pages 639, note c:
Elis [IV] Giffard living in 1221:

[Elsewhere Elis IV and his sister Bertha are stated to be the children of Elis III by an unknown wife, not by Maud, the daughter of Morice fitz Robert fitz Hardinge. (PROPOSED)]

Pages 642, 643 (as modified by volume 14):
Sir John Giffard (d. 1299):

[The identity of his second wife, Margaret, is discussed under Neville of Essex. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 5, page 683 and note d:
Robert, Earl of Gloucester, (d. 1147):

Elsewhere his mother is said to be unknown.

Volume 5, page 686, note b:
Robert, Earl of Gloucester (d. 1147):

There is no evidence for the statement that his daughter Mabel married Aubrey de Vere.

Volume 5, page 692 and note b:
Isabel, Countess of Gloucester (d. 1217):

[There is evidence that her third husband, Hubert (de Burgh), Earl of Kent, died on or before 5 May 1243, not on 12 May 1243. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 5, page 700, note h (on p.701):
Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester (d. 1262):

Additional details of his younger son, Thomas.

Volume 5, page 715:
Hugh de Audley [d. 1347]:

His mother Isolt was not a Mortimer, but was a daughter of Roger le Rus or Rous.

Volume 5, page 729:
Anne, daughter of Thomas, Duke of Gloucester:

She was baptised at Pleshey, Essex, shortly before 6 May 1383.