Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 6: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.


Volume 6, page 67:
Sir Thomas de Grandison's (d. 1375):

[There is evidence that his widow remarried to Roger Beauchamp, of Bletsoe (d. 1379/80). (PROPOSED)]

GREY (of Codnor)

Volume 6, page 123 and note b:
Sir Henry de Grey [d.1308]:

His age is given as 13, 14, 15, or in one case as 17, in the inquisitions taken in January and February 1271/2 after his father's death.

Volume 6, page 124 and note b:
Sir Henry de Grey (d. 1308):

[Note on chronological difficulties with the suggested ancestry of his wife, Eleanor. (PROPOSED)]

Page 124, note e:
Sir Henry de Grey (d.1308):

He had a grant of the marriage of the heirs of Roger de Somery some time after 27 December 1291; evidently the husband of his daughter Lucy was John de Somery (d.1322).

Page 128 and note q:
Sir Richard (Grey), Lord Grey (of Codnor) (d.1418):

His wife, Elizabeth Basset, was born at Castle Bytham, 1 August 1372.

Volume 6, page 131 and note i:
Sir Henry (Grey), Lord Grey (d. 1496):

[His wife, Margaret, could not have been a daughter of Ralph Moton; according to Ormerod, she was the widow of Sir William Troutbeck, knight (d. 2 Edward IV), and Sir John Butler of Bewsey (d. 1453), and a daughter of Thomas Lord Stanley. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 133 (note):
Henry de Grey (d. 1219):

[Robert Bardolf is described as the uncle, not the brother, of his wife, Iseude, so it appears that it was Iseude's mother, rather than Iseude herself, who was a daughter of Hugh Bardolf. (PROPOSED)]

GREY (of Powis)

Volume 6, page 136:
Sir John Grey (b. after 1384):

[There is evidence that his mother, Joan, was a daughter of John, Lord Mowbray (d. 1368). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 136:
Sir John Grey (b. after 1384):

His mother, Joan, died shortly before 4 September 1410.

Volume 6, pages 138, 139:
Antigone, widow of Henry Gray, Count of Tancarville (which Henry d. 1449/50):

[She is said to have remarried by 1451 to Jean d'Amancier, Esquire of the Horse to Charles VII of France. (PROPOSED)]

GREY (of Ruthin)

Volume 6, page 151:
Sir Roger de Grey:

[His mother seems to have been Maud, apparently the daughter of John de Verdun. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 159 (as modified by volume 14) and note d:
Sir John Grey (d. 1439):

[Evidence that his marriage to Constance - who was the widow of Thomas (de Mowbray), Earl of Norfolk etc. (ex. 1405) - had taken place by Trinity term, 11 Henry IV (1410). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 159:
Sir John Grey (d. 1439):

[After his first wife's death, he appears to have remarried to Margaret, widow of Sir Robert Howard and daughter of Thomas (de Mowbray), Duke of Norfolk. (PROPOSED)]

GREY (of Sandiacre)

Volume 6, page 165:
Sir Richard de Grey:

[The identity of his grandmother, Iseude, is discussed under Grey (of Codnor). (PROPOSED)]

GREY (of Wilton or of Shirland)

Volume 6, page 174:
John (de Grey), Lord Grey (of Wilton) (d. 1323):

[There is evidence that he married Maud, apparently the daughter of John de Verdun (d. 1274), by his second wife Eleanor Bohun, and that she was the mother of his children Henry, Roger and Joan. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 175:
Henry (de Grey), Lord Grey (of Wilton) (b. 1281 or 1282):

[His mother seems to have been Maud, apparently the daughter of John de Verdun. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 178:
Richard (Grey), Lord Grey (d. 1442):

[The parentage of his wife, Blanche, is unknown; in 1403 he been contracted to marry Maud le Scrope. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 6, page 190 and note f:
Ralph de Greystoke (d. 1323):

Iseude, the mother of his wife Alice, was not a Mortimer, but was a daughter of Roger le Rus or Rous.

Volume 6, page 199 (as corrected by volume 14):
Sir Robert de Greystoke, son and heir apparent of Ralph, Lord Greystoke (d. 1487):

[Margaret Grey was his second, not his first wife, a dispensation being given for his marriage to her in 1474/5. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 6, page 347 (as modified by volume 14):
Sir John de Hastinges (d. 1312/3):

[A dispensation was given, 15 July 1275, for his first marriage to Isabel, daughter of William de Valence (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 348:
Sir John de Hastinges (d. 1312/3):

[His second wife, Isabel, was the widow of Gilbert de Clare, lord of Thomond. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 359:
Sir Edward Hastings, Lord Hastings (d. 1437/8):

[Chronology suggests that his wife, Muriel, was a daughter of Sir John de Dinham (d. 1428), by his first wife Ellen. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 370 (as modified by volume 14):
Sir William Hastinges, of Kirby, Leicestershire:

[There is evidence that his wife Alice was the daughter of Thomas de Camoys by his first wife, Elizabeth Louches. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 6, page 442, note a:
Sir William Herbert, father of Mary, wife of Edward Herbert, Baron Herbert (d. 1648):

[Elsewhere, William, the first Earl of Pembroke (d. 1469) is said to have had only one son William, conflicting with the statement that this Sir William was the great-grandson of George, a son of the first earl. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 6, pages 455 and 456 (as modified by volume 14):
Roger (of Gloucester), Earl of Hereford (d. 1155):

His widow Cecily remarried to William of Poitou, and - by or soon after 1162 - to Walter de Mayenne.

Volume 6, pages 465, 466 and note a:
Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1298):

The correction to these pages in volume 14 is mistakenly referred to p. 462.

Volume 6, page 467 and note b:
Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1321/2):

The date of his homage was 16 February 1299.

Volume 6, page 471:
John de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex (d. 1335/6):

[His marriage to his second wife, Margaret Basset, took place before 19 February 1331. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 6, page 484, note c:
Roger Heron (d. by 1332/3):

His widow, Margery, was in January 1340/1 the wife of Gilbert de Boreudone, having apparently married him since November 1337.

Volume 6, page 486:
William Heron (d. 1379):

[There is evidence suggesting that his wife, Isabel, was a daughter of Sir Thomas de Grey of Heton (d. by 1343/4). Corrections to the description of the plea in the de Banco. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 486 and note m (continued on p. 487):
Sir William Heron (d. 1379) and his descendants:

Substantial corrections concerning the genealogy of the Heron family and their land holdings.

Volume 6, pages 486, 487:
Sir Roger Heron (d. by 1400):

Chronological connections concerning Sir Roger.

Volume 6, page 487 and note f:
William Heron, son and heir (d. 1400):

It was his son William, not his wife Isabel, who was found to be next heir to Sir John Hawkeswell. Isabel appears to have remarried to John Bertram, by whom she had issue. She was living as his wife in 1415, but was dead by 20 August 1422.

Volume 6, pages 487, 488 and page 488, note b:
Sir William Heron [d. 1425]:

He was born 8 November 1400, was styled a knight in 1415. The other William Heron who did fealty wit him in 1421 must have been William Heron of Thornton.

Volume 6, page 488:
Sir William Heron (d. 1425):

His wife was named Elizabeth, not Anne, and is said to have remarried to Sir John Mydelton, knight.

Volume 6, page 488:
Elizabeth, da. and h. of Sir William Heron (d. 1425):

William Heron, of Ford, to whom her wardship and marriage were granted, appears to have died 15, not 20, January 1427/8.

Volume 6, pages 488, 489:
Elizabeth, da. and h. of Sir William Heron (d. 1425):

She was still living 17 February, 1497/8.


Volume 6, page 500, note a:
Roger (de Clare), Earl of Hertford (d. 1173):

His wife, Maud, was living in 1166.


Volume 6, page 567, note A:
Sir Thomas Hoo (father of Sir Thomas Hoo, Lord Hoo, d. 1454/5):

A reference to his second wife as Elizabeth Wychingham is an error for Elizabeth Echingham.


Volume 6, pages 620, 621 and page 621, note a:
Eleanor, daughter and heir of Sir William de Moleyns, and wife of Robert (Hungerford), Lord Hungerford (he was executed 1464):

[She was still living, 2 May 1489, but died before 16 May 1499. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 6, page 621 (as corrected in volume 14) and notes d, e and g:
Sir Thomas Hungerford (d. 1469):

His wife, Anne, was a daughter of Henry (Percy), Earl of Northumberland (d. 1455), by Eleanor, da. of Ralph (de Nevill), Earl of Westmorland. Her remarriage to Sir Laurence Raynsford had taken place by 24 June 1470.

Volume 6, page 621, note g (continuation on page 622):
Sir Thomas Hungerford (d. 1469):

[Supporting evidence for the third marriage of his widow, Anne, to Sir Hugh Vaughan. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 6, page 645 and note f:
William, King of Scotland (d. 1214):

Constance, the illegitimate daughter of Henry I, is said elsewhere to be the paternal grandmother, not the mother, of his wife Ermengarde.

Volume 6, page 650:
Robin Hood, otherwise Robert Fitzooth:

"Robert fitz Ooth" was a fabrication of the 18th-century antiquary William Stukeley.


Volume 6, page 670:
John de Huntingfield, son and heir [apparent] of Sir William de Huntingfield (d. 1376):

[The identity of his wife, Margery, is discussed under Scrope (of Masham and Upsall). (PROPOSED)]