Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 7: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.


Volume 7, page 26 (as modified by volume 14):
Sir William (de Hilton), Lord Hilton (d. 1435):

Corrections concerning the parentage of his wife Denise.


Volume 7, page 142:
Hubert (de Burgh), Earl of Kent (d. 1243):

[There is evidence that he died on or before 5 May 1243, not on 12 May 1243. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 7, page 143:
Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent (d. 1329/30):

[Evidence that he was created earl 26 July 1321. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 7, page 196 and note d:
Sir Thomas Kerdeston:

[His first wife Elizabeth was the widow of Sir Edward Burnell (d. 1415) and the daughter of Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl of Suffolk (d. 1415). His second wife Philippa was the daughter of Sir John Trussel. He died 20 July 1446, not in 1447. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 7, page 200 (chart pedigree):
Maurice fitz Maurice, Justiciar of Ireland (d. 1286):

His second wife, Emmeline, was the daughter of Stephen de Longespee, a younger son of William de Longespee, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1225/6). She was clearly not the mother of his daughter Julian.


Volume 7, page 227:
Gerald FitzMaurice (FitzGerald), Earl of Kildare (d. 1432):

[Discussion of the ancestry of his wife, Agnes Darcy. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 7, page 227:
Gerald FitzMaurice (FitzGerald), Earl of Kildare (d. 1432):

He died on 16 October 1432, not 13 October.


Volume 7, page 354:
Philip de Kyme (d. 1323):

He died 1 March 1322/3.

Volume 7, pages 355, 356:
William de Kyme, Lord Kyme (d. 1338):

He married firstly Eleanor, daughter of Edmund de Mortimer (d. 1304), by Margaret, daughter of Sir William de Fenles, the marriage having been contracted but not consummated 29 November 1307. He died 21 March 1338. His widow Joan remarried to Nicholas (de Cauntelo), Lord Cauntelo, in or about early 1341. Nicholas and Joan were apparently buried in the Cantilupe chapel in Lincoln Cathedral.

Volume 7, page 357:
Gilbert (de Umfraville), Earl of Angus:

His mother Lucy was one of two daughters and coheirs of Philip de Kyme, the other, Agnes, being the mother of John de Bulmer. As it is not known whether Agnes's issue became extinct, Gilbert and the other descendants of Lucy cannot be held to have succeeded as Lords Kyme.

LANCASTER [County of]

Volume 7, page 409 (as modified by volume 14) and note e:
Henry, Earl of Lancaster and Leicester (d. 1360/1):

[He was buried 14 April 1361. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 7, page 410:
Henry, Earl of Lancaster and Leicester (d. 1360/1):

A range of ages were given for his two daughters in 1361: 18-26 for Maud, and 16-21 for Blanche. The most precise information given implies that Maud was born 4 April 1340, and Blanche was born 25 March 1342.


Volume 7, page 530, note e:
Robert, Earl of Leicester (d. 1168):

[The marriage of his daughter, Margaret, to Ralph de Tosny, may have taken place earlier than 1155. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 7, page 532 and note e:
Robert, Earl of Leicester (d. 1190):

[The charter by which his marriage to Pernel is dated to before 1155-1159, may in fact date from 1160-1163. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 7, page 532 and note h:
Robert, Earl of Leicester (d. 1190):

The father of his wife, Pernel, was called William; further discussion of her ancestry.


Volume 7, pages 657 and 658:
Thomas Powys, Baron Lilford of Lilford (d. 1800):

His wife was named Eleanor, not Mary.


Volume 7, page 670 and note k:
William de Roumare (d. 1151):

[According to K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, his wife, Agnes of Aumale, was married to Adam (not Piers) de Brus of Skelton (d.1143) before (not after) her marriage to William. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 7, pages 671, 672, and page 671, note l:
William (de Roumare), Earl of Lincoln (d. c. 1198):

Evidence from 1191-2, concerning the annulment of a previous marriage.

Volume 7, page 672:
Gilbert de Gant or Gaunt:

[Charter evidence suggests he was born earlier than 1120 (PROPOSED)]

Volume 7, chart pedigree on page 677:
Family of John, and his sons Payn (d. 1137) and Eustace (d. 1157):

Several corrections and additions to pedigree.

Volume 7, page 690 and note c:
John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln (d.1487):

[There is evidence that his widow, Margaret, was still living in 1524. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 7, page 690 and note e:
Henry Brandon, Earl of Lincoln (d. 1534):

He died 1 March, not 8 March, 1534..