Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 8: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.


Volume 8, page 22:
Robert (Bertie), Earl of Lindsey (d. 1701):

[It seems that his first 5 sons were children of his second marriage. (PROPOSED)]

LISLE of Kingston Lisle

Volume 8, chart pedigree:
Early Lisles:

Corrections and additions to the early generations of the Lisle family.

LISLE of Rougemont

Volume 8, pages 69, 70 and notes d-f:
Early Lisles:

Corrections and additions to the early generations of the Lisle family.

Volume 8, page 70 and note m:
Robert de Lisle (d. 1284):

The Alice de Lisle identified as his second wife was in fact the wife of Gerard de Lisle of Kingston Lisle (d. before November 1288).


Volume 8, page 170:
John de Bermingham, earl of Louth (d. 1329):

Margaret, the mother of his wife, Aveline, was not a daughter of Sir John de Burgh, but "possibly daughter of Arnoul III, Count of Guisnes, by Alice, daughter of Enguerrand III, Lord of Coucy".


Volume 8, pages 179, 180:
Matthew de Lovaine (d. 1302):

He seems to have had another wife between Helisant and Maud - apparently a sister of Thomas de Blakenham - who was the mother of Thomas, his son and heir, and died immediately after his birth (11 July 1291).

LOVEL of Titchmarsh

Volume 8, page 217:
John (Lovel), Lord Lovel (d. 1310):

His wife, Isabel du Bois, had a sister, who was the wife of Thomas Corbet of Hadley, Shropshire, (d. c. 1300).


Volume 8, pages 247, 248:
Reynold de Lucy (d. c. 1198/9):

[According to K. S. B. Keats-Rohan, Alice, the mother of his wife, Amabel, was the daughter and eventual coheir of William Meschin and Cecily de Rumilly, daughter and heir of Robert de Rumilly of Skipton. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 8, page 261:
Reynold Lucy (d. 1437):

[His marriage to Margaret was by licence dated 1 July 1369, which stated that they were to be married at Bretby Castle, and described Margaret as the daughter of Sir John de Moubrey. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 8, page 274 (as modified by volume 14) and note e:
Thomas Lumley (d. 1487):

There is no reason to think that his marriage to Elizabeth, an illegitimate daughter of Edward IV, produced no issue.


Volume 8, page 403 and note e (as modified by volume 14):
Donald, Earl of Mar (d. c. 1297):

[It is suggested that his wife Helen was not the daughter of Llewelyn, Prince of Wales, but that her former husband Malcolm, Earl of Fife, had previously married a daughter of Llewelyn (PROPOSED)]

MARCH [England]

Volume 8, page 441 and note c:
Roger de Mortimer, later Earl of March (d. 1330):

[He is stated to have married his wife Joan on 20 September 1301 at Pembridge [Herefordshire], and to have been betrothed to her in May 1300 (PROPOSED)]

Volume 8, page 441 and note g:
Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March (d. 1330):

The evidence suggests that his body was buried at the Grey Friars, Coventry, not Shrewsbury, London or Wigmore.


Volume 8, page 520 and note j:
Sir John Marmion (d. 1322):

His wife, Isabel, was the widow of Ralph de Plaiz (d.1283).


Volume 8, page 568, note h:
Constance, daughter and coheir of Sir Thomas de Sutton, 2nd wife of Piers de Mauley (d. 1382/3):

She, not a daughter of hers, later married Robert de Hilton


Volume 8, pages 575, 576 and page 576, note a:
Walter de Mauny (d. 1371/2):

[The marriages of his wife, Margaret, are discussed under Norfolk. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 8, page 586:
Joan, granddaughter and coheir of John Mautravers, Lord Mautravers (d. 1363/4):

[By her first marriage to Sir John de Keynes (d. 1366) she had two children, John and Wenthliana (who both died without issue in 1375). She remarried to Sir Robert Rous by 1376, when she was living, but she was presumably dead by 1377. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 8, page 586:
Eleanor, granddaughter and coheir of John Mautravers, Lord Mautravers (d. 1363/4):

She married, 2ndly, Reynold (de Cobham), Lord Cobham (d. 1403), and died 10 January 1404/5.