Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 9: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.


Volume 9, page 6 and note b:
John de Moels (d. 1310):

[The evidence suggests that his wife, Maud, was a daughter of John, Lord Grey of Wilton, (d. 1323). (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 42:
William de Moleyns (d. 1429):

[His widow, Anne, was dead by 2 May 1489. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 96 and note c:
Henry Pole, Lord Montagu (d. 1538/9):

[His wife, Jane, was a daughter of George (Neville), Lord Abergavenny (d. 1535) by his first wife, Joan Arundel. The marriage took place shortly after 8 July 1515. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 99:
Anthony Browne, Viscount Montagu (d. 1592):

[The year of death given for his first wife, Jane, 1552, is incorrect, and should perhaps be 1553. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 126 and note o:
Piers de Montfort (d. 1265):

His widow Alice was still living 23 February 1276/7.

Volume 9, page 127 and note q:
Piers de Montfort (d. 1286/7):

His wife Maud was the daughter and heir of Henry, not Matthew, de la Mare, who was dead by 1265. In June or July 1280 Maud and Hawise, the wife of Robert le Veel, appear as daughters and coheirs of Joan de la Mare, deceased; Hawise was probably the daughter of Joan by a subsequent husband, Walter de la Hyde, to whom she was married by 1260.

Volume 9, page 128:
John de Montfort (d. 1296):

He was married to Alice de la Plaunche by 18 March 1287, and she was still living in Easter Term 1309; further comments on her parentage.

Volume 9, page 128, note k, page 129 and note g:
Piers (de Montfort), Lord Montfort (d. before 24 Jan. 1369/70):

He seems to have had an illegitimate daughter Alice, who is said to have married firstly Fulk de Penebrugg (dead by Michaelmas 1345) and secondly Ralph Nowers.

Volume 9, page 129 and note o:
Piers (de Montfort), Lord Montfort (d. before 24 Jan. 1369/70):

[His wife, Margaret, died 27 September 1339, in her 19th year. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 142:
Ralph de Monthermer (d. 1325):

[His second wife, Isabel, was the widow of Gilbert de Clare, lord of Thomond, in Connaught (d. 1307). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 143 and notes l and m:
Thomas de Monthermer (d.1340):

Evidence confirming that his wife, Margaret, was the widow of Henry Teyes (Lord Teyes) (ex. 1321). She was married to Thomas by 1330.


Volume 9, page 171:
Henry Beaumont , Lord Beaumont (d. 1339/40):

[A further example of his being styled Earl of Buchan and Moray, in 1333. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 217 (as modified by volume 14) and note f:
Thomas (de Morley), Lord Morley (d. 1416):

[He had a previous wife, Elizabeth, mentioned 10 June 1380. The evidence suggests that his wife Joan was a daughter of Hugh de Hastings [d. [?]1369] and Margaret de Everingham. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 238:
Richard (Wellesley), Earl of Mornington (d.1842):

His wife, Hyacinthe, was alleged to have been fathered on Hyacinthe Gabrielle (née Varis), the wife of Pierre Roland, by a cavalry officer named Fagan in the French service.

MORTIMER of Attleborough

Volume 9, page 243:
Mortimer family of Attleborough:

[Withdrawn (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 243:
Robert de Mortimer of Norfolk:

He witnessed a charter of the earl of Warwick between 1115 and 1119.

Volume 9, page 250:
Cicely, granddaughter and coheir of Sir Robert Mortimer (which Robert d. 1387):

She may have married Sir John Radcliff around December 1405, and died in 1423 at Bordeaux.


Volume 9, page 254:
Roger de Mortimer (d. 1326):

His marriage to Lucy la Wafre presumably took place before 8 June 1286. According to the History of the Foundation and Founders of Wigmore Priory, Lucy was the daughter of Robert de Wafre.

Volume 9, page 254:
Roger de Mortimer (d. before Oct. 1333):

His wife Juliane survived him, and was living 5 April 1350. The History of the Foundation and Founders of Wigmore Priory calls her "Johanna de Tubervyle".

Volume 9, page 256 and notes a-d (as modified by volume 14):
The Mortimers of Tedstone Wafer (1347-1504):

Various corrections and additions.

MORTIMER of Richard's Castle

Volume 9, page 257, note i:
Hugh de Say (d. before Michaelmas 1190):

He and his wife Lucy also had a son Sir Gilbert.

Volume 9, page 258:
Hugh de Say (d. before Michaelmas 1197):

His widow's subsequent husband, named as Reynold in the text, was presumably the same man referred to in August 1204 as Roger de Aumu[n]devill'.

Volume 9, page 258:
Robert de Mortimer (d. 1219):

There is further evidence to confirm a close relationship between the Mortimers of Richard's Castle and Attleborough (and the Mortimers of Bec). It is suggested that Pernel de Mortimer was the widow of Robert de Mortimer of Essex (the father of Robert de Mortimer of Richard's Castle), and that this Robert was a younger son of Robert de Mortimer of Norfolk, the progenitor of the Mortimers of Attleborough.

Volume 9, pages 260 and 262:
Robert de Mortimer (d. 1219):

[Evidence suggests he had an earlier marriage, which produced a son Robert, who was living in 1232-3, but dead without issue by 1254. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 261, note a:
Margaret, daughter and heir of Hugh de Say (she d. apparently before Autumn 1242):

The suggestion that she had a sister named Lucy is incorrect; evidently Lucy was her paternal aunt.


Volume 9, page 268:
Ralph de Mortimer (d. after 1104):

There is evidence suggesting that he survived until at least 1115.

Volume 9, page 268:
Hugh de Mortimer, son of Ralph de Mortimer, the Domesday tenant:

[Evidence suggests he was born before 1100. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, pages 269 (and notes e, f, h and i) and 270 (and note a):
The successor(s) of Ralph de Mortimer:

Charter evidence supports the traditional pedigree, in which Ralph was succeeded by his son and heir Hugh, who survived until the 1180s, rather than the suggestion that there were two Hughs, father and son, with an elder brother Roger briefly intervening.

Volume 9, page 272 and note a:
Hugh de Mortimer:

He is said to have died on 26 February 1185, having become a canon of Wigmore, rather than by 1181.

Volume 9, page 273 and note g:
Roger de Mortimer (d. 1214):

In 1212 he proffered 3,000 marks for the marriage of Walter de Beauchamp, not the marriage of the heir of Walter.

Volume 9, page 276 and note j:
Ralph de Mortimer (d. 1246):

[The parentage of his wife, Gladys, is discussed under Abergavenny. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 283 (as modified by volume 14) and note m:
Edmund de Mortimer (d. 1304):

Isolt, the wife of Walter de Balun and Hugh Audley, Lord Audley, was not a daughter of Edmund de Mortimer, but was a daughter of Roger le Rus or Rous. There is therefore no evidence to suggest that Edmund had an earlier wife before Margaret de Fenles. Edmund and Margaret also had a daughter Eleanor.


Volume 9, page 337:
Edward (Blount), Lord Mountjoy (d.1475):

His fiancée, and possible wife, Anne, the daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Cobham, could not have been the daughter of Elizabeth Chidiok. She was presumably the daughter of Sir Thomas' subsequent wife Anne, daughter of Humphrey (Stafford), Duke of Buckingham.

Volume 9, pages 346, 347, and page 347, note a:
Charles (Blount), Lord Mountjoy (d.1606):

His heir was Sir Henry Baker, the son of his third cousin, John Baker. Further details are given.

Volume 9, page 352:
William Stewart, 1st son and heir apparent of William (Stewart), Viscount Mountjoy (the latter d. 1769):

[The date given for his burial, 29 February 1754, did not exist. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 367 (as modified by volume 14):
William d'Aubigny (d. 1139):

[The question of whether Roger le Bigod, father of his wife Maud, had one wife or two, is discussed under Norfolk. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 384, note g:
John, Lord Mowbray (d. 1368):

[The dates of the birth and marriage of his daughter Eleanor are discussed under Welles. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 384 and note h:
John, Lord Mowbray (d. 1368):

Most evidence suggests that he died on 17 June.


Volume 9, pages 404, 405 and note m:
John de Multon (d. 1334):

[Possible identity of his wife Alice. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 406, and note h:
Thomas de Multon (d. c. 1270/1):

He was married to Maud de Vaux by 20 Henry III [1235-1236].


Volume 9, page 419, note d:
Cecily, widow of Roger, Earl of Hereford (d. 1155):

She remarried to William of Poitou, and - by or soon after 1162 - to Walter de Mayenne.

Volume 9, page 424 (as modified by volume 14):
William de Munchensy (d. 1287):

His wife, Amice, was the widow of Sir John de Hull, of Hill Croome, Worcestershire.

Volume 9, page 424:
Denise de Munchensy, daughter and heir of William de Munchensy (d. 1287):

She was born shortly before 22 July 1283.


Volume 9, page 481 and note g:
John de Neville (d. 1246):

He married Hawise de Courtenay before February 1229/30; Hawise's mother was Mary de Courtenay, who was living in 1250.

Volume 9, page 483, and note j (and continuation on page 484):
John de Neville (d. by 1282):

[The evidence suggests that his second wife, Margaret, may have been the daughter of a child of Ralph Belet and Sibyl de Cormeilles, later the wife of Hugh Giffard of Boyton. (PROPOSED)]

NEVILLE (of Raby)

Volume 9, pages 500, 501 (as corrected by volume 14):
Ralph (de Neville), Lord Neville (d. 1367):

Isolt, the mother of his wife, Alice, was not a Mortimer, but was a daughter of Roger le Rus or Rous.

Volume 9, page 502c:
Geoffrey de Neville, younger son of Geoffrey the Chamberlain:

[Corrections and additions concerning the marriages of Maud, the maternal grandmother of his wife Mabel (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, pages 577, 578; page 578, note a; page 579, and notes c and k:
Roger Bigod (d. 1107):

[K. S. B. Keats-Rohan suggests that he had only one wife, Adelaide/Alice. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 585:
Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (d. 1176/7):

[Removed. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 589:
Roger (le Bigod), Earl of Norfolk (d. 1221):

His wife was named Ida de Tosny, and his marriage to her took place around Christmas 1181.

Volume 9, page 589, note f:
Roger (le Bigod), Earl of Norfolk (d. 1221):

His children by his wife, Ida, are named as Hugh, William, Roger, John, Ralph, Mary, Margaret and Ida.

Volume 9, page 600:
Margaret, Countess of Norfolk (d. 1398/9):

[Additional information about her matrimonial history. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 600, note a:
Margaret, countess of Norfolk (d. 1398/9):

Sir Edward Montagu, the husband of her sister, Alice, was the uncle of William, afterwards Earl of Salisbury, not his brother.

Volume 9, page 601 and note a:
Thomas de Mowbray, first Duke of Norfolk (d. 1399):

His date of birth is more likely to have been 22 March 1366/7 or 1367/8.

Volume 9, page 605:
Thomas (de Mowbray), Earl of Norfolk (d. 1405):

[His widow, Constance, remarried to Sir John Grey by Trinity term, 11 Henry IV (1410). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 9, page 605:
John de Mowbray, Earl of Norfolk (d. 1432):

His date of birth is most often given as 10 August 1390.

Volume 9, page 610, note d:
Anne, suo jure Countess of Norfolk (d. 1481):

[Her great-grand-aunt, Margaret de Mowbray, appears to have married secondly Sir John Grey of Ruthin (d. 1439). (PROPOSED)]


Volume 9, page 715, note l (on p. 716):
Henry de Percy, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1455):

The "manor of Dagenham" referred to was actually the manor of "Dagenhams and Cockerels", in the parish of Romford, Essex.

Volume 9, page 717, note d:
Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1461):

Anne, who married Sir Thomas Hungerford and Sir Laurence Rainsford, was his sister, not his daughter.


Volume 9, page 765:
Sir Walter de Norwich, son and heir apparent of John de Norwich (d.1362):

His wife, Margaret, was the daughter of Sir John de Haudlo (d.1346) by his wife Maud, the daughter of Sir Philip Burnell.