Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 10: Summary

Below are very brief summaries of the corrections and additions. Click on the links for more discussion, including details of contributors.


Volume 10, pages 34, 35, and notes k, l and c:
Robert (Ogle), Lord Ogle (d. 1544/5):

[According to a visitation pedigree, his second wife was Margaret, the daughter of Edward Ratcliff. This disagrees with the statement in the text - apparently based on a contemporary document - that she was Jane, daughter of Sir Cuthbert Radcliffe. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 10, page 121 (as modified by volume 14):
James (le Botiller), Earl of Ormond (d. 1382):

[Confirmation that the mother of his wife, Elizabeth, was Joan, the second wife of Sir John Darcy [Lord Darcy]. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 10, pages 128, 129 (as modified by volume 14):
James (le Botiller, otherwise Ormond), Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond (d. 1461):

[His second wife, Eleanor, may not have been the eldest daughter of Edmund (Beaufort), Duke of Somerset, as stated. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 10, page 201:
Aubrey de Vere (d. 1194):

Evidence suggests that he was made an earl between 25 July and 1 August 1141.

Volume 10, pages 205, 206 and notes c and d:
Aubrey de Vere III, Earl of Oxford (d. 1194):

[Keats-Rohan suggests that Robert de Essex, the grandfather of Aubrey's third wife Agnes, was the father of the Robert de Essex who married Aubrey's sister, rather than being the same man. Agnes's mother, Cicely, may have been a daughter of Roger de Valognes by his wife Agnes, sister of Payn fitz John. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 10, page 210 and note d:
Aubrey (de Vere), Earl of Oxford (d. 1214):

[Further evidence arguing against his second wife, Alice, being a daughter of Roger (Bigod), 2nd Earl of Norfolk. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 10, page 402:
William (Herbert), Earl of Pembroke [d. 1491]:

[Elsewhere he is said to have had a younger brother, George, rather than being his father's only son, as stated here. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 10, pages 458, 459 and notes j and k (and continuation on p. 459):
Henry de Percy (d. 1314):

Evidence supports the identification of his wife, Eleanor, as a daughter of Richard, earl of Arundel (d. 1301/2), and suggests that they married in 1300. The statement concerning his marriage in 1294 may imply that he had an earlier wife. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 10, pages 461, 462 (as corrected in volume 14):
Henry, Lord Percy (d.1351/2):

Maud, the mother of his wife, Idoine, was the daughter of Thomas de Clare, lord of Thomond (a younger son of Richard de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, d. 1262), by Julian, daughter and heir of Sir Maurice Fitz Maurice.


Volume 10, page 538 and note f:
Sir Hugh de Plaiz (d. 1244):

Hs widow, Alice, seems to have still been living in 1301.

Volume 10, pages 538, 539:
Richard de Plaiz (d. 1269):

His wife, Joan, was stated in 1301 to be the mother of his sons and successors, Ralph and Giles.

Volume 10, page 538, note m:
Richard de Plaiz (d. 1269):

Evidence to support the suggestion that Philippe de Plaiz who appears in 1302 was his daughter.

Volume 10, page 539:
Ralph de Plaiz (d. 1283):

His widow, Isabel, was remarried by 1302, to Sir John de Marmion (d.1322).


Volume 10, page 619:
John (Poulett), Baron Poulett of Hinton St. George (d. 1679):

The licence for his marriage to Susan Herbert was dated 1668, not 1667.


Volume 10, page 663 (as modified by volume 14):
Richard (de Poynings), Lord Poynings (d. 1387):

Clarification of the ancestry of his wife, Isabel. Elizabeth de Bryan was the daughter, not the sister, of Sir Guy (de Bryan), Lord Bryan (who d. 1390)

Volume 10, page 663, note h, and page 664 (as corrected by volume 14):
Robert (de Poynings), Lord Poynings (d. 1446):

[His wife in 1416 and 1423 was called Eleanor, and was pregnant in 1416. The date given for his first marriage, to Elizabeth Grey, conflicts with a later grant of his marriage. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 10, pages 664, 665, and page 665, note e (as modified by volume 14):
Sir Richard de Poynings (d. 1429) and his daughter Eleanor:

Richard married Eleanor Berkeley between 8 April 1423 and 16 June 1423; if Eleanor was their daughter, clearly she must have been born later than 1422.

POYNINGS of Basing

Volume 10, page 667 and note i:
Thomas (de Poynings), Lord Poynings (d. 1428/9):

[His 2nd marriage, to Philippe Mortimer, must have taken place between April 1398 and 6 December 1398. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 10, page 676:
Nicholas Poyntz (d. by 1376):

There is evidence to confirm the identity of his first wife Eleanor, but no evidence for a second marriage. He died between 1363 and 1371, leaving a widow Eleanor who was still living in 1374.


Volume 10, page 774 and note d:
Richard Rich, of Leighs Priory, Essex:

[The suggested London ancestry is doubtful, and an alternative Hampshire origin has been proposed. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 10, page 824:
John de Montfort, Duke of Brittany, Count of Montfort and Earl of Richmond (d. 1399):

[His 2nd wife Joan died soon before 27 November 1384. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 10, Appendix G, page 92 and notes g and h (continued on page 93):
Gilbert the Marshal (d. in or before 1130):

[It has been suggested that he was identical with a Domesday subtenant in Winterbourne Monkton. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 10, Appendix J, page 115 and note i (continued on page 116):
Alice, daughter of Aubrey II and Alice:

[Keats-Rohan suggests that her husband, Robert de Essex, may have been a son of Robert de Essex, the grandfather of Aubrey's third wife Agnes, rather than being the same man. A Gunnor de Essex who has previously been viewed as either a husband or a daughter of the latter Robert, may instead have been his granddaughter - a daughter of his son Henry de Essex. (PROPOSED)]