Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 11: Summary

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Volume 11, page 103 (as corrected in volume 14):
William (de Ros), Lord Ros (d. 1414):

Eleanor, the mother of his wife, Margaret, was the daughter and coheir of John Mautravers (d. 1348/9), son and heir apparent of John, Lord Mautravers (d. 1363/4).

Volume 11, page 105, note a:
Thomas (de Ros), Lord Ros (d. 1455):

[The identity of Margaret, the wife of William, Lord Botreaux, is discussed under Botreaux. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 11, page 257:
Bridget, widow of Henry (Manners), Earl of Rutland (d. 1563):

According to Complete Peerage, vol. 2, pp. 76, 77 and vol. 6, pp. 186, 187, she did not die without issue, but left a daughter by her first marriage.


Volume 11, page 298:
Amauri de St. Amand (d. 1310):

He married Mary at Leeds Castle on 21 August 1289; it has been suggested that she was a daughter of John de Pécqigny, vidame of Amiens (d. 1304).

Volume 11, page 300 and note c:
Amauri de St Amand (d. 1381):

There is no evidence that he had a wife named Eleanor. In 1340 his wife was Joan, a daughter of Maud, the daughter of Sir Philip Burnell, and the wife successively of John, Lord Lovel, (d.1314) and Sir John de Haudlo (d.1346).


Volume 11, page 306:
George Saint-George, Baron Saint George of Hatley Saint George:

He died in 1735, not 1775.


Volume 11, pages 320, 321:
Adam de Port (d. 1213):

A Sibyl de Ferrers who is mentioned in September 1228 is a different woman from his wife, Sibyl the widow of William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby.


Volume 11, page 358:
Sir Laurence de Saint Maur (d. 1296/7):

[His wife, Emma, was the niece of Warin de Bassingbourn, who in 1265 or 1266 gave the manor of Cotes, Northamptonshire, in fvree marriage with her. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 11, page 366:
Sir Hugh de Saint Philibert (d. 1304):

His wife Alice was the sister of Bennet de Blakenham, son and heir of Bennet de Blakenham; she was living 1297. She was presumably the daughter of the elder Bennet de Blakenham by his wife Joan, daughter and heir of William de Hastings.


Volume 11, page 378:
William (of Salisbury), Earl of Salisbury (d. 1196):

[Evidence suggests that he may have had an earlier wife named Gundred. A charter - possibly spurious - contradicts the accepted chronology of the marriages of his wife, Eleanor de Vitré. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, page 379 (as modified by volume 14) and note f:
William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1225/6):

[His mother, Ida, was the same who married Roger (le Bigod), Earl of Norfolk (d. 1221). (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, page 381, note k (continuation on page 382; as modified by volume 14):
William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1225/6):

Emmeline, the wife of his son Stephen, was the widow of Hugh, not Henry, de Lacy, Earl of Ulster.

Volume 11, page 381, note k (continuation on page 382; as modified by volume 14):
William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury (d. 1225/6):

[Walter FitzRobert, earlier said incorrectly to have married his daughter, Ida, was the son of Robert FitzWalter, of Woodham, not Robert FitzPhilip. There is evidence that William had another daughter, Mary, who was to be married about 8 September 1227. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 11, page 465 and note k:
Geoffrey de Say (d. by 1214):

It was he, not his son, who was married between 1175 and 1180, so that he was probably born much later than the date, 1135, suggested.

Volume 11, page 467 and note n:
Geoffrey de Say I (d. by 1214):

His first wife was Alice, widow of Hugh de Periers (d. about Dec. 1175), daughter and coheir of John de Chesney. Alice's paternal grandmother appears to have been Alice, daughter of Hugh Maminot and in her issue heir of Hugh's grandson Walkelin (d. c. 1190), son of Walkelin. Geoffrey and Alice were married by 1180, and she survived at least until 1185

Volume 11, page 467, note o (continued on page 468):
William, son of Geoffrey de Say I:

He was dead by 8 March 1197/8.

Volume 11, page 468 and notes e-h:
Geoffrey de Say II (d. 1230):

He was probably born around 1180, so that the references given from the period 1180-1190, and presumably also the one from 1198, must relate to his father.

Volume 11, page 470:
Geoffrey de Say II (d. 1230):

The identity of his first wife is unknown (Alice de Chesney was his mother, not his wife). His second marriage had taken place by November 1225.

Volume 11, page 475:
Geoffrey de Say (d. by 1321/2):

[His widow, Idonia, was still living 14 November 1337. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 11, page 502 (as modified by volume 14):
Robert (de Scales), Lord Scales (d. 1369):

In the description of Margaret, the mother of his wife, Catherine, it was Margaret's brother, Sir John de Norwich, who was 1st Lord Norwich, and his grandson John who was 2nd Lord.

SCROPE (of Bolton)

Volume 11, page 542 (as modified by volume 14):
Roger (Le Scrope), Lord Scrope (d. 1403):

His wife, Margaret, should be placed a generation earlier in the Deincourt family.

Volume 11, page 543:
Margaret, widow of Richard (le Scrope), Lord Scrope (d. 1420):

She had remarried by 4 May 1421.

SCROPE (of Masham and Upsall)

Volume 11, page 564 and note f:
Stephen (le Scrope), Lord Scrope (d. 1405/6):

[Further supporting evidence for the parentage of his wife, Margery. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, page 564, note a:
Sir John le Scrope:

His marriage to Elizabeth took place before 16 September 1388.


Volume 11, page 601 (as modified by volume 14):
Stephen de Segrave (d. 1241):

[His son, Gilbert, was a child of his first marriage, to Rohese. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, page 609 and note g:
Stephen (de Segrave), Lord Segrave (d. 1325):

[Evidence suggests that his wife, Alice, was a daughter of Richard, earl of Arundel (d. 1301/2), and that she died 7 February 1340. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, page 609, note n:
John de Segrave of Folkestone (d. 1349):

His father was also named John. His daughter, Mary, was aged 15 days, not 15 years, at his death. The dates given for his and his daughter's deaths are contradicted by the dates of the writs. It is possible that the name, Blanche, given for his wife, results from confusion with another John de Segrave.

Volume 11, page 609:
John (de Segrave), Lord Segrave (d. 1353):

[Details of his sons Edmund and John, who predeceased him. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, pages 609, 610:
John (de Segrave), Lord Segrave (d. 1353):

[The marriages of his wife, Margaret, are discussed under Norfolk. (PROPOSED)]


Volume 11, pages 682, 683; page 682, note d; page 683, notes c and d (and continuation on p. 684):
Roger I de Montgomery:

[It has been suggested that Josceline, viewed here as the wife of Roger I and mother of Roger II, was in fact the wife of a Hugh de Montgomery, and mother of Roger I. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, page 701:
John (Talbot), later Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1453):

[Doubt over the date of birth of his goddaughter, Elizabeth of York. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, page 702:
John (Talbot), later Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1453):

[His first marriage, to Maud Neville, took place by 8 March 1406/7. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, page 704, note e:
Katherine, daughter and coheir of Sir Edward Burnell:

Her marriage to Sir John Radcliffe must have taken place between 1423 and June 1426.

Volume 11, page 705:
John (Talbot), Earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1460):

His brother, Sir Christopher Talbot, was killed 10 August 1443 at Cause, in the parish of Westbury, Shropshire.


Volume 11, Appendix D, page 105:
[Emma, wife of Guy V de Laval (d. soon after 1130)]:

[Traditionally she has been described as a daughter of Henry I, but this is very unlikely. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, Appendix D, page 108 and note c; page 119 and note d:
Rainald de Dunstanville (living 1130):

The Rainald de Dunstanville and his sister Gundred, who appear in the pipe roll of 1130, are unlikely to be illegitimate children of Henry I.

Volume 11, Appendix D, page 109, note l (continued on p. 110):
Grace, who m. John de Sudeley:

[Elsewhere, John is said to be Harold's eldest (not third) son. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, Appendix D, page 114 and note k; page 155, note h:
..., who m. William Gouet III:

[There is charter evidence that William Gouet III had a wife named Mabel. (PROPOSED)]

Volume 11, Appendix D, page 116 and note e:
Constance, who m. Roscelin de Beaumont:

Although Complete Peerage, vol. 6, page 645, makes Constance the wife of Roscelin's son Richard, evidence confirming that she was the mother of Richard is presented by vol. 12, part 1, p. 768, note j (continued on p. 769).