Indenture of sale, between Richarde Keable of East Mersea and John Potter of Langenhoe, of property in Abberton and Fingringhoe, 1595

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1. This indenture made the tenthe daye of November in the Fower & Thirtithe yeare of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Ladye Elizabethe bythe grace of god
2. of Inglande France & Irelande Quene defender of the Faythe &c Betwene Richarde Keable of Estemersey [East Mersea] in the county of Essex yeoman on thone p[ar]tye
3. and John Potter of Langenhoe in the said Countye yeoman on thother p[ar]tye Witnessethe that the said Richarde Keable aswell for & in consideracon of the some
4. of fiftye poundes of lawfull monye of Inglande to him by the said John Potter well & trewly paid wherof & wherwith the said Richarde acknowledgethe
5. himselfe to be fully satisfied & the said John Potter his heires & assignes therof to be discharged as for the some of thirtye poundes of like money to be
6. paid to one Josua Saffolde or his assignes uppon the feaste of Thanunciacon of Ste marye the Virgin which shalbe in the yeare of our lorde one thousande
7. Five hundred Fowerscore & Fowertene at the nowe dwellinge house of the said Josua Hathe graunted bargayned & soulde & by these p[re]sentes dothe graunte bargayne
8. & sell unto the said John Potter All those his messuages landes ten[ement]tes & hereditament[es] called or knowne by the name of Cookes & Mellers or by what other name
9. or names soever the same are called or knowne by late one Roberte Woodwarde & by him purchased of one Clemente Robertes of Braxsted p[ar]va in the said county
10. of Essex gent[leman] scituate lyinge & beinge in the p[ar]ishes & towneshipps of Aberton [Abberton] & Fingringehoe or in eyther of them in the said county of Essex and nowe or lately
11. in thoccupacon of the said John Potter or his assignes w[i]th all & singuler theire app[ur]ten[a]nc[es] whatsoever And also all & singuler the Rentes revercons & other yearely -
12. proffitt[es] whatsoever reserved by & vppon whatsoever lease or leases giftes or graunt[es] had made or graunted of the said p[re]misses w[i]th theire appurten[a]nc[es] or any
13. p[ar]te therof by one Josua Saffolde of Estemersey aforesaid w[i]thin the said county maryner And likewise all his estate righte title intereste possesson revercon -
14. remaynder clayme & demande of in & to the said p[re]misses w[i]th thapp[ur]ten[a]nc[es] above menco[n]ed to be bargayned & soulde Together w[i]th all the deedes leases evidences
15. escriptes writinges & munimentes concerninge the p[re]misses only or any p[ar]te of the same All w[hi]che said deedes leases evidences escriptes writinges & munim[en]t[es]
16. the said Richarde Keable for himselfe his heires executors & adm[i]nistrators & every (one) of them Coven[a]ntethe to & w[i]th the said John Potter his heires executors & adm[i]nistrators
17. by these p[re]sentes well & trewly to deliuer or cause to be delivered to the said John Potter his heires or assignes to his or theire only vse before the Five & twentithe day of
18. december nexte ensuinge the date herof vncancelled To haue and to houlde all the said messuages landes ten[emen]tes & hereditament[es] w[i]th all & singuler theireapp[ur]ten[a]nc[es]
19. and all & singuler other the p[re]misses w[i]th all theire app[ur]ten[a]nc[es] above menco[n]ed to the said John Potter his heires & assignes to the only vse & behooffe of the said John
20. Potter his heires & assignes for ever in as large & ample manner to all ententes & purposes as the said Richarde Keable & the above named Josua Saffolde
21. or eyther of them have had or oughte to have & had the same by any meanes whatsoever And the said Richarde Keable for him his heires & assignes dothe
22. coven[a]nte & graunte to & w[i]th the said John Potter his heires & assignes by these p[re]sent[es] that the said messuages landes ten[emen]tes & hereditamentes and all other the
23. p[re]misses before bargayned & soulde or intended hereby to be bargayned & soulde nowe are & at all tymes hereafter shalbe discharged or w[i]thin conveniente tyme after
24. reaseonable requeste made sufficiently saved harmeles of & from all former bargaynes sales ioyntures dowers leases Statutes Recognizances iudgementes
25. rentes & all other charges & incombrances had made comitted done or suffered by the said Richarde Keable or by any other p[er]son or p[er]sons by his meanes or
26. consente / the payment of the said some of thirtye poundes to the said Josua or his assignes only excepted / And that the said John Potter his heires and
27. assignes payinge the said some of thirtye poundes as is aforesaid shall or maye at all tymes hereafter peaceably & quietly houlde & enioye all the said p[re]misses accordinge
28. to the effecte & trewe meaninge hereof w[i]thout any lett or interrupcon of the said Richarde Keable his heires or assignes & of all other p[er]son or p[er]sons havinge or lawfully
29. clayminge any estate title or any other thinge in the p[re]misses or any p[ar]cell therof by [from or] vnder them or any of them And further the said Richarde Keable
30. for him his heires & assignes dothe coven[a]nte & graunte to & with the said John Potter his heires & assignes by these p[re]sent[es] that he the said Richarde Keable and
31. Susan his wiffe theire heires & assignes for the further & better assuringe & sure makinge of all & singuler the p[re]misses to the said John -
32. Potter & his heires accordinge to the effecte & trewe meaninge hereof shall & will at all tymes here after at the reaseonable requeste & charges of
33. the said John Potter his heires & assignes make doe execute & suffer or cause to be made done executed & suffered vnto the said John Potter his heires
34. & assignes all & every suche further actes thinges and devises be yt by Fyne feoffemente enrolmente of these presentes release w[i]th warranty agaynste
35. them theire heires & assignes recovery w[i]th double or single voucher or by as many of them as by the councell learned of the said John Potter
36. his heires or assignes shalbe reaseonably devised & required and that all assurances soe to be made of the p[re]misses shalbe to the only vse & behooffe
37. of the said John Potter his heires & assignes for ever & not to any other vses intentes or purposes whatsoever In Wittnes wherof the said
38. p[ar]ties to these Indentures Interchangiably have sett to theire handes & seales the day & yeare above written -
Sealed and Delyvered in the presence of these whose names are subscribed
George Betson Minister                Ric Kebell
Abraham Fokes                            his m[ar]ke
Willm Smyth
Willm Smythson

[Abberton, East Mersea, Fingringhoe and Langenhoe are all parishes near Colchester in Essex.]

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document and the transcript on which the one above is based.]