Agreement between John [Droxford], bishop of Bath and Wells, and Ralph Hereward of Cheddar, 1318

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In the year 1318, 11 Edward II, an agreement between the venerable father the lord John, bishop of Bath and Wells, of the one part and Ralph Hereward of Ceddre of the other, namely that Ralph has granted and for himself and his heirs quitclaimed for ever to the lord bishop and his successors his common of every kind and all his right of having common in the moors of the lord bishop in Ceddre in the county of Somerset, saving to Ralph and his heirs common of pasture in 300 acres of waste in the aforesaid moors, with the chases now being in common, and also saving to Ralph and his heirs common of pasture in the alder grove of the bishop adjacent to the common moor. For which the lord John the bishop has given to Ralph in the name of exchange 4 acres of several pasture in the aforesaid moors, to hold to Ralph and the heirs of his body of the lord bishop and his successors, by the service of 1 rose annually to be done at the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist, freely and quietly for ever. And if it happens that Ralph dies without an heir of his body the 4 acres of pasture are to revert to the lord bishop or his successors. In witness whereof the lord bishop and Ralph have set their seals alternately to this indenture.
Witnesses: Sirs John de Erle, Matthew de Clyuedon' and Richard de Rodene, knights, John de H[a]mpton', William Artur, Philip le Irays, John de Barton' and others.
Given at Ceddre on Sunday next after the feast of St John before the Latin Gate in the abovesaid year.
[7 May 1318]

The damaged seal is presumably that of Ralph Hereward, as it does not resemble that of the bishop (see this example at the National Archives).

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document and its seal.]