Surrender at a manorial court by John Hordorn, otherwise Corte, and Maud, his wife, of land in Gissing, 1479

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[Margin:] Gyssynghalle cu' Dagworth'
At a court held on Monday next after the feast of the Ascension, 19 Edward IV [24 May 1479], John Hordorn' otherwise Corte of Gissyng and Maud his wife, present in the court and Maud separately examined and consenting, surrendered into the hands of the lord 6 acres of land and pasture called the tenement of Lyncroft in Gyssyng of the fee of Dagworth, held of the lord at will by the service of 12 pence of rent a year and suit of court and performing the office of collector [of rent] when it occurs - which John and Maud lately received here in the court with other lands, out of the surrender of William Pott[er]e and Katherine his wife, as before in the court held here on Tuesday next after the feast of All Saints in 17 Edward IV [4 November 1477] - to the use of John Buxton' of Tybenh[a]m, to whom seisin was delivered, to hold to him, his heirs and assigns at the will of the lord by the aforesaid services, saving the right etc. And he gives to the lord as a fine [for entry]. And he did fealty.

[There are two endorsements. One in Latin refers to the property as the tenement called Lincroft in Gissing (I can't decipher the word after Buxton). The other is later and in English, and the writer has misread the surname of the previous tenant as 'Pettles' and the office to be performed as 'Cot.']

[The manors of Gissing Hall and Dagworth were in Gissing, Norfolk.]

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document.]