Letter of attorney of John Fretheby of Keyham, [1399]

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I John Fretheby of Cayham have attorned and put in my place John Ketwell' of Cayham, my attorney, to deliver seisin in my name to Thomas Fretheby of Southcroxton and Roger Knot of Cayham in 1 bovate of land and 1 and a half roods of land lying in the fields of Southcroxton, as is contained more fully in a certain charter. In witness whereof I have put my seal to the presents. Given at Cayham on Wednesday in the vigil of the Nativity of the lord, 1 Henry II [sic].

This document is clearly not of the 12th century. The regnal year appears to be an error for 1 Henry IV, which would give the date 24 December 1399.

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document.]