Demise of Thomas Webbe and John Marchant the elder of Peldon, 1514

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Thomas Webbe of Peldon, Essex, and John Marchant the elder of the same vill have demised to Christian, the wife of Gregory Synnewe, late the wife of Thomas Lethyng of Adburton, now deceased, in fulfilment of the last will of the said Thomas Lethyng, 2 crofts of land called Peetcrofts lying in the vills of Adburton and Fyngrynghoe in Northpete, with all rents and services, and lying between the land of the Rectory of Adburton on the west side and the land formerly of Luke Mathewe on the east side, 1 head thereof abutting on the land formerly of John Clerk, afterwards of John Hervy of Leyre de la Hay, to the north and the other head thereof abutting on the land called Rokelond to the south, which crofts of land we lately had with the aforesaid Thomas Lethyng, William Preston, Thomas Vaus and John Tye of Langenhoe the elder, now deceased [plural], of the gift and feoffment of John Webbe and Philip Lauenham, as contained in a certain charter made to use thereof, to hold the 2 crofts of land [etc] to Christian for her life, so that after the decease of Christian the 2 crofts shall remain to Thomas Lethyng, son of the aforesaid Thomas Lethyng of Adburton, John Gale the younger, William Gale the elder and John Cole the elder, their heirs and assigns, of the chief lords for ever, to the use of the aforesaid Thomas Lethyng, son of Thomas Lethyng, his heirs and assigns for ever. In witness whereof we have put our seals. Given at Adburton on 14 February, 5 Henry VIII [1514].

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document and its seal.]