Bond of Robert Harryson of Saxon and Agnes his wife, 1566

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The Condicon of this obligacon is suche that if the wythin namyd Walter clarke, maye quietlye and Peciblye haue, holde occupie and
enioye one peace of Erable londe conteynynge by estimac[on] halfe an acre be yt more or lesse lyinge in a fylde of Saxon wythin the p[ar]yshe
of Wooddytton in the countie of cambrige; unto him the sayde Walter clarke his heyres and assignes for eu[er] wythout anye man[er] of lawfull
lette, truble, hindrance, vexacon, contradicon or Deniall of the wythin bounden Rob[er]te Harryson and Agnys his wyfe or anye of them
there heires executo[r]s or assignes, accordinge to the true intent and meanynge of one dede of feoffame[n]t therof made and conveyed by the
sayde Rob[er]te and Agnys, unto the saide Walter Clarke his heires and assignes for eu[er]. Bearinge date the xxiith Daye of aprell
in the eight yeare of the Raigne of o[ur] Sov[er]aigne Lady quene Elyzabeth playnely apperyth That then This p[re]sent obligacon
to be voyde and of non effecte orells to stande and Remayne in his full strengthe force and vertue

[Latin:] We Robert Harryson of Saxon within the parish of Woddytton, county Cambridge, labourer, and Agnes Harryson, my wife, are bound to Walter Clarke of Saxon, labourer, in 40 shillings to be paid to Walter or his attorney, executors or assigns [etc] by the presents sealed with our seals. Given on 22 April, 8 Elizabeth 1566.
Read, sealed and delivered in the presence of Henry Payne, John Roberts of Saxon and William Leche of Borough Grene.

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document and its seal, and his transcription of the English text.]