Appointment of attorneys by Richard Birches of Solihull, 1419

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Richard Birches of Solihull', kinsman and heir of Richard Birches, chaplain. Whereas in the court of Henry IV late king a certain fine was levied between the aforesaid Richard atte Birches, chaplain, and Richard Belne and John Bukmore, querents, and John Duddeley of Couentre wyrdrawer and Joan his wife deforciants [part of the fine (CP 25/1/290/59, number 28) is recited], and Richard Birches, chaplain, afterwards died and Richard Belne and John Bukmore, who held the tenements for their lives, demised them to certain persons in fee simple separately to my disinheritance, know that I Richard Birches of Solihull' have constituted John Middulmore of Solihull' and John Waryng' my attorneys in this case, to enter in my name into the tenements and take lawful possession to my use [etc]. In witness of which I have put my seal.
Witnesses: Thomas Archer Thomas Sydenhale Thomas Grene John Holt Richard Holt John Hawe Robert atte Berne John Praty and others.
Given on Sunday next after the feast of St Michael, 7 Henry V [1 October 1419].

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document and its seal.]