Lease by Richard Penpons of property in the parish of St Wenn, 1533

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I, Richard Penpons esquire, have given to Alice, late the wife of Ralph Tresalwyster, and Joan, the wife of John Dongy, and Olive, the daughter of the said Ralph Tresalwyst[er], all my messuages, lands [and] tenements in Penhelyck by Pengelly in the parish of St Wenn, to hold to them for their lives, for a rent of 7 shillings and 8 pence a year and suit of court in the manor of Tregoys.
Witnesses: Sir Henry Kyllyvreght, Thomas Bond, Thomas Hamly, John Tebet, Thomas Johans and others.
Given at Penhelyck on 1 April 24 Henry VIII [1533].

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document and its seal.]