Surrender and quitclaim of Thomas Coddebene of lands in Wendover, late 13th century

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I Thomas Coddebene of Wendou[er]e at the intercession of Robert Aleys have rendered to Alexander de Agmodesh[a]m, clerk, all the lands and tenements which I had by the law of England by the death of Denise, my wife, in the vill of Wendouer', and similarly have remised and quitclaimed for me and my heirs for ever all right in the aforesaid lands which after my death ought to descend to Robert as next heir of Denise, to hold to Alexander and his heirs or assigns for ever, rendering to the chief lords annually the service owed. In testimony whereof I have put my seal to this writing.
Witnesses: William Inge, Reynold de Molendi[n]o, Walter de Putenh[a]m, Henry de La Hulle, John Adam, Alan Nel, Thomas de Mussenden, Hugh le Scryueyn and Robert de la Hulle, clerk, and others.

The document is undated, but several of the witnesses are mentioned in The Buckinghamshire Eyre of 1286, edited by Lesley Boatwright (2006).

[I am grateful to Jim Poynor for kindly providing the photographs of this document.]