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the effects of Lady Savile (Ibid., 3616). They had issue -

VII. JOHN SAVILE, died vi. pa.; mar. Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Harrington, of Brierley, Knt., and Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, Lord Dacre (Hunter's South York­shire, ii, 402). They had issue -

VIII. SIR JOHN SAVILE, Knt., of Thornhill; High Sheriff of Yorkshire 1 Henry VII (1486), the year of the battle of Bosworth. He probably died on Palm Sunday, 20 Hen. VII (1504).

1 There was in Dodsworth's time in the east window of the choir the follow­ing inscription: Pray for the gude pros­perity, mercy and grace of William Sayvile, one of the Company of Grayse In, and for the Sowles of Sir John Sayvile and Dame Alice his wief, fadyr and modyr to the said William, and also for the gude prosper(i)ty, mercy and grace to Sir John Sayvile and Dame (Alice) his wief. The which William Sayvile enlardged this quyer att his cost, att the oversight of the said Sir John, his nephew, wherwith pray we all that God be pleased, the which werke was finished the yere our Lord 1493.
2 There is a long will of Ralph Snaith, 11 March, 1472, proved York, 23 March, 1472-3 (Test. Ebor., iii, 203), mentioning his wife's brother, Wm. Savile, and sister, Waterton.
3 ? of Ackworth. See engraving of a memorial slab in the church there to him and his wife Anne (Banks, Wakefield Walks).


1Will - The last day of March A.D. (1503), 18 Henry VII, I Sir John Sayvell, Knight. Soul to God, body to be buried in church of Thornhill, debts to be paid. Whereas by indenture between William Calverley, the elder, now deceased and me, of the marriage of Sir William Calverley, the elder, his son and Alice my sister, it is lawful for me, if my sister inherit my lands, to do with lands of the yearly value of (100)li. what my will is, or shall be; also if I die without issue the same William immediatly after my decease shall pay 100li. yearly to my executors, till 800 marks be fully paid; I will that if he and my sister and their heirs peaceably suffer my executors to occupy and minister according to this my last will, the same sum of 800 marks be not asked of the said William (his) heirs or executors. Immediately after my decease my feoffees, viz. Thomas, earl of Surrey, Sir Raynold Bray, George Tailbois, Sir Thomas Wortley, Knts., William Fayrfax, John Cut, Richard Chumley, John Chaloner, and Robert Fryston, shall make a lease of all such lands and advowsons and chantries, to take such profits of, to my son Henry or to such as there happen to be next heir, if he or they be at the age of twenty years, he or they finding sufficient surety to my executors to pay them yearly 100li. during ten years next after my decease at Whitson and Martinmas equally, Provided that the said lease be not prejudicial to my wife in such lands as her jointure or to any other grant by me made in this my last will; and if he or they to whom the said lease be made, be under twenty, or refuse to find the said surety, then I will that my executors take the profits of all my lands which should ... the said lease, till such time as the sum of 1,000li. be received; if my said heir or heirs being at the age of 20 trouble my executors, I will that my feoffees sell the lordship of Thornhill with the advowson and lands to the yearly value of 100li. to the King of England for the time being after the price of xiiiith yere purchase to be paid in iiii yerez day; and if his higness refuse to buy it, then my executors to sell it at their pleasure and ther with perform this my last will. Provided if my son Henry or other issue of my body, be within the age of twenty years at the time of my decease, then my feoffees shall suffer my executors to take the whole profits of my lands during the nonage of my said heir, my wife's jointure excepted, and if the said profits shall content the King's grace 1,000 marks, so that his highness suffer my lady his mother, the said earl of Surrey, Sir Henry Vernon, Master Robert Frost, Chancellor to the prince and Sir Thomas Pek, parson of Thornhill, or such of them as shall be then living, to have the ward, marriage and governance of my said son and heir; if it be a daughter or daughters, his Grace to have 1,000li.; either sum to be paid in (three) years after my decease; and if his Grace refuse the said sum or sums then I will that his Grace have the governance of my said heir or heirs and 20li. a year for finding thereof or they come to the age of twenty years, to be paid yearly by my executors; executors to suffer wife to have all her apparel and all such goods as was her father's, and over that of my

1 Mr. E. W. Crossley found this will in the State Papers, which does not appear to have before seen the light.


goods to the value of 100 marks in such stuff as she think con­venient, to be delivered and appraised by Master Robert Frost, chancellor to the prince, if living, and if not by Sir Thomas Pek, parson of Thornhill; my house to be kept as it is at my costs twenty weeks after my decease; if son under age at my death live to age of twenty, executors to account to him, and my debts paid and will performed, the residue over costs and charges to be to the (use of such) son; on coming to his age of sixteen son to have 100li. yearly for his finding, if the King suffer him to be married by such as I have assigned before, and that he be in such place as he may go to school till he be fourteen years old and it at the discretion of them that have the ordering of him as is aforesaid, and if it be a daughter or daughters it to be disposed by my executors and if or they (to have) nothing at the age of twenty years but my lands and the 20li. to their finding as is aforesaid, the 1000li. aforesaid received, anything behind to be received after she or they be twenty after the some of 100li. a year, as above. At Michaelmas after my decease my executors shall meet at the abbey of St. Oswald's and the prior for the time being, calling to him John Chaloner, William Eleson and William Amyas, is to take account of my executors, and yearly at Michaelmas, or within twenty days, the said prior to have 40s. at the finishing of the account and 5li. for the costs of the audit, if he will be content and the audit to be at my charges; pro­vided always that every of my executors exceed not the number of eight horses and the auditor four horses; and I will that the said John Chaloner, William Eleson, and William Amyas to have 40s. for their reward at every audit when they have made and engrossed their books, and such as minister of my executors to have 10 marks yearly during their (ministering) over their reasonable costs; if they all die within ten years such other persons to act as shall be assigned by the said earl of Surrey and Sir Reynald Bray, or if they die the said prior for the time being to put in such as he shall think meet. If any of my executors fail in coming to the audit, if he send his accounts he is to be rebated 5 marks of his reward, if he neither come nor send his account, the said prior is forthwith to sue him by the church law and compel him thereto, the said prior so doing to receive 5 marks over the said costs; and if the said John Chaloner, William Elleson, and William Amyas or any of them fail in coming to the audit, they shall lose their reward for that year, if they die the prior shall put in other as aforesaid. At the three years' (end) (the executors) to bring or send the accounts then finished to the said carl, Sir Raynald Bray and Marmaduke, now Abbot of Fountains, and John Cutt to comp(t)rolle the said accounts, whether it agree with my will and thereupon to subscribe it with their hands, the earl and Sir Reynald receiving 100s. each and the abbot and John Cutt 46s. 8d., etc. At the ten years' end the ac­counts to be engrossed and sent to the archbishop of York under the seals of the earl and the others and of the said prior of St. Oswald's and the archbishop to make acquittance to the executors. Anything doubtful in the will to be construed by Master Robert Frost, one of my executors or the said Sir Thomas Pek. Servants to have a year's wages, etc. Executors,


Sir Harry Vernon, Knight, Master Robert Frost, chan­cellor to my lord prince, and Sir Thomas Pek, parson of Thornhill. Witnesses, Robert Fryston, William Levet, and Richard Breres.

The said John Sayvell, Knight, died on Palm Sunday, 20 Henry VII. Henry Sayvell is his son and heir and was aged at the time of his father's death six years and more.

Cal. of State Papers. Inq. p.m. Hen. VII, vol. ii, p. 511, No. 803.

There is an Inquisition, very dilapidated. Mar. 1st, Alice, daughter of William Vernon, Esq., died s.p.; mar. 2ly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Paston, Knt., by Jane daughter and coheiress of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset who was slain at the battle of St. Albans, 1455, and cousin german to the Countess of Richmond, mother of King Henry VII. Mr. Hunter calls this the most splendid marriage of any of the earlier Saviles, as the son was thus a partaker of the royal blood.1

Her will, 1 July, 33 Hen. VIII (1542). Called Elizabeth Savile of Tankersley, widow. To be buried in the Lady quire in Thornhill church. To Edward and Dorithie, children of my son Henry Savile, each a spoon. To my daughter, Lady Anne Thwaites, my daughter, Lady Elizabeth Conyers, each a goblet. To Margaret Wortley a goblet. To Chris­topher Conyers, son of Sir Christopher Conyers, knt., 2 silver salts. To William and Isabell Thwaites, children of the aforesaid Anne, to Michaell and Frances Sotehill, children of the aforesaid Elizabeth Conyers, each a spoon. To Elizabeth Lacie, wife of Richard Lacie, a spoon and a pair of beads. To Katherine Thwaites, daughter of Lady Anne, a pair of coral beads. To Richard Lacie and Henrie Thwaites, sons of the Lady Anne, each a spoon. All other goods to Isabell Thwaites and Frances Sotehill equally. The Lord Talbote, Earl of Shrewsbury, and Henry Savile, knt., super­visors. Proved 12 Jan., 1541-2, by Lady Elizabeth Conyers, Lady Anne Thwaites, the other executrix, renouncing (Reg. Test., xi, 591).

They had issue -

1 Mr. Hunter says she remarried 1st Sir Richard Hasting, 2ly Sir Edward Poynings, 3d Robert Gargrave. If so, she kept the Savile name.


IX. SIR HENRY SAVILE, Knt., of Thornhill, etc., and of Sothill, ju. ux.; High Sheriff of Yorkshire I537-41; a very important man in the reign of Henry VIII, to whom he steadfastly adhered at the time of the Pilgrimage of Grace; a great supporter of Robert Holdsworth, Vicar of Halifax, and an enemy of Sir Richard Tempest, Knt., of Bolling.1 He died 25 April, 1558 (Dewsbury Reg.), but probably bur. Thornhill.

Will. - Feb. 15, 1555. Henrye Savyle, of Thornehill, knyghte. I wyll that my bodye be buryed at Thornehill if I die wythein the countie of Yorke, the same buryall and funralles expenses there of to be done by the dystression of my executrix. I wyll that Dorythe Savyle, my dowghter, shall have all my manors, landes, tenementes and heridamentes in the countie of Yorke or ells where wythein the realme of Englande, and shall tayke all the yssues of all the manors, &c., unto the end of fyve yeres next, and that she shall pay all my lawfull debtes and performe all my gyftes, &c., in my will. Also I gyve to Elizabethe my wyffe all my corne in Dewsburye and Emlay peryshes, also all maner of my goodes there, my playtt onelye except, which playtte wythe all my goodes wythein the peryshes of Thornhill and Tankersley I gyve to Edwarde Savyle, my sonne, my corne at Thornhill bothe grovynge and in the laythe excepted. Also I gyve to John Byrkes all money as he nowe owethe me, except suche money as he owethe me for corne. And I wyll that my sayde exectrixe shall appoynt Henrye Bayt to keipe the courtes wythein all my lorde shippes and manors, and yf he dye, wyche God defende, then Henrye Gryce to enyoye the same offyce. I gyve unto the sayde Henrye Batte one yerelye annuyte of fortye shillinges to be payde to hime durynge his lyfe. I gyve Henrye Gryce one yerelye annuyte of fortye shillinges. I gyve unto Henrye Payge all somes of money as he dyd owe me at the fourte day of Aprill last past. I wyll that my executrix shall pay unto George Savyle one hundrethe markes in fyve yeres. I gyve the profyttes of all the landes belongynge to yonge Claton to my cosyn Thomas Savyll of Kyrkbye, he honestlie kepinge the sayde Rycherde in lerneynge. I gyve to the sayde Rycherde his maryage so that he do not marye but by the consent of John Birkes, John Claton of Dewly (? Denby) grannge, and Robert Wheatley, or two of them. Also I dyscharge all wardes dew to me at this day of there

1 He had an illegitimate son whom he allowed to bear the name of Savile, whose mother was Margaret Barkston, one of the waiting maids of Lady Savile. In this son was centred the talent of the family, and it was a great object to release out of entail as much as possible of his estate, that he might establish a family in the posterity of this son called Robert (Hunter’s Lupset). See the Saviles of Howley.


maryages. I wyll that all my landes whiche I have commytted in maryage in the indentors of Henry Savyll of Lup­sett, my wyll fulfylled, yf anye thinge chance to Edwarde Savyll, my son, wythe oute yssew mayle to remayne treulye accordynge to the same commyttes, and also all landes as I have couynanted in maryage in the indentors of couynantes of Robert Savill shall remayne to the true intent of the same couinanttes. Also I gyve unto my dowgter Dorythe my leasses of Waythe and Bolton frome the terme of Ester next to the end of thos yeres that I nowe have in the same so that she suffer my son Thomas Wentworthe and his uncle Thomas Wentworthe durynge the same terme to haue that that they do occupye at this present day paynges lyke rentes for the same as they do to me. And I wyll my dettes and bequestes be truly payd wythe reasonable charges for execution of my wyll. And all the rest of the revynes to be resayved durynge the sayde fyve yeres I gyve to Dorythe Savyle, my dowgter, for the avauncement of hir maryage. Also I gyve Geffray Barmeby and Fraunces his Wyffe all my leas and terme I haue of the Lady Brandon durynge there lyves, and yf they dye durynge the sayd yeares I gyve the rest of the sayde terme to the heyres malle of there two bodyes lawfullye be­gotten. I do mayke the abouesayde Dorythe, my dowghter, my hole executrix. Thes beynge wytnes, Alverye Coppelay, esquyer, Thomas Cockson, preist, Henrye Batte. I mayke the supervisors of my wyll Sir Thomas Gargrave, Sir John Nevyle, and Sir Wyllm Caluerlay, knyghtes, and every one of them to have twentye nobylls for there paynes. No probate annexed (Reg. Test., xv, ii, 387).

Inq. p. m. - 25 Aug., 5 and 6 Phil. and Mary (1558). This Inquisition is very imperfect, but a little information can be extracted. It was taken at Pontefract before Thos. Gargrave, ..... Nevile, Knt., Francys Frobisher, Wm. Hawmond. The Jury say he was seised with his wife Elizabeth in her right in the manors of Soythyll, Rowtonstall, Laxton, Hadlesay, Daryngton and Emley, and of 10 watermills, 1 windmill, ..... acres of pasture, 80 of wood, 4,000 of heath and furze, £20 rent in the above and in Chydsell, Myrfeld, Stansfeld, Dewsbury and Ovenden, and the advowson of the parish church of Emley, with remainder to Edward Sayvell, their son and heir, and in default of his issue to Elizabeth and her heirs.

Sir Henry before his death, in consideration of a marriage between Henry Sayvell of Lupset, Esq., his kinsman, and Margaret Fuller, one of the daughters and heiresses of Thos. Fuller, late of Islington, Esq., granted an estate in Hunsworth to the said Henry, Knt., and heirs, and in default of issue to the same Henry Sayvell, Esq., and heirs, in default to Robert Sayvell and heirs, remainder to Sir Henry Sayvell. By the same deed he would make sufficient estate. In consideration of a marriage between Robert Sayvell and Anne Thymbleby, widow, he granted to Humfrey Browne, Knt., and Francis Ascough, Knt., he would have an estate made in the manors of Elland, etc., to the use of Sir Henry, Knt., remainders to Robert Sayvell, the heirs of Thomas Sayvell, late of Lupsett. In consideration of a marriage between Edward Sayvell, his


son and heir, and Mary, one of the daughters and heiresses of Richard Leigh, Knt., he granted to said Edward and Mary and their heirs the manors of Tankersley and Southourome, the park of Southourome called Eland Park, and ..... of Myrfeld, Thurleston, and Estryngton, with all his lands in the said places by deed 3 Feb., 2 and 3 Phil. and Mary (1555-6), by virtue whereof they are still possessed.

He died 23 April last. These manors are held of the King and Queen as of their lordship of Wakefield, now parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster - Wadsworth and Stansfeld by rent of 2s. yearly, worth £30. Ovenden by rent 5s., worth £26 10s. Skircote and Halifax, rent 2s., worth £13 6s. 8d. Shelf by rent 2s., worth £8. Rysheworth, Shakelton, Heptonstall and Northland, Northowrome, Hunshelfe by rent 2s., worth £22. Brygehouse in free socage by fealty only, worth 8s. beyond a rent of £5 6s. 8d. (to the chantry priest of Thornhill). The manors of Eland, Southowram and Gretland, and messuages there, are held of the King and Queen of their honor of Pontefract, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, for the third part of a knight's fee and rent of 6s., worth £56. The manor of Myrfeld for 20th part of a knight's fee, worth £5. The manor of Thornhill by 4th part of a knight's fee and rent of 16s. 8d., worth £80. The manors of Gylcerr and Bothomley, worth ..... Haddlesey, worth £3. Darton manor, worth £13. Thurleston, worth £4. The manor of Wyke held of the King and Queen of their manor of Bradford, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, and that an annual rent of £5 6s. 8d. was paid yearly, having been granted by the ancestors of said Henry to a chantry priest in Elland church, worth £5 6s. 8d. The manor of Estrington is held of the Bp. of Durham, worth £29. Hunsworth is held of Henry and Ellen Tempest of their manor of Tonge, worth £80. Laxton held of the Bp. of Durham, worth (?) £33. Hanging heaton, Chydsell of the manor of Wakefield, worth £5. Stainland, Barkisland, and Over Lyndley, worth £6.1

Mar. Elizabeth, daughter and coheiress of Thomas Sothill, of Soothill; remar. Thomas Gascoigne, of Barnbow, Esq. They had issue -

1 Mr. Whitaker has printed a list of the estates in Loidis and Elmete, p. 312, not quite corresponding with the above. He makes the total £489 14s., consisting of 300 messuages, 300 tofts, 10 water mills, and 22,080 acres, not including the extensive wastes and commons perhaps amounting to as much more.
2 He lived in obscurity, and it is said he was under the influence of the Earl of Shrewsbury. A settlement of the es­tates was made 28 Sept., 1559, which transferred them at Edward's death to the Lupset Saviles.