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THE LUPSET (after of Thornhill) SECOND BRANCH.

I. THOMAS SAVILE, of Lupset, younger son of Sir John Savile, Knt., of Thornhill (VI), and Alice, daughter of Sir William Gascoigne, of Gawthorpe, Knt.; valet of the Crown.

Will. - Dec. 17, 1505. Thomas Sayvill of Lopished, Esq. I bequeath my body to be buried in the parish church of Wakefield in the Quire of St. Katherine. Also to the Curate of the same church for tithes forgotten iijs. iiijd. I will that Margaret my wife have for her own use for life the hall of Lopished and a close called Bachrode; remainder after her decease to John and Ralph my sons, to be equally divided. I will that Johanna and Alice my daughters have that mes­suage in the "graifship of Allerthorp" with the croft and all its appurtenances. I will that George, James, Robert, Thomas, and Percival, my sons, have that messuage built in Thornes and another messuage built in Dewisbery with appurtenances, and the said messuages to remain to the sur­vivor of them. To Elizabeth my daughter one heifer. The residue I give to Margaret my wife and to Alice my daughter, making them my executrices. Witnesses, Leonard Reidknap, Robert Bedforth, and Eliz. Bolling. Proved 20 February, 1505-6, by the executrices (Reg. Test., vi, 224).

Mar. Margaret, daughter and heiress of Thomas Basworth, licence 21 Aug., 1482, in Wakefield church (Reg. Rotherham; Test. Ebor., iii, 346). They had issue -

1 The daughter is almost the only lady of the great Yorkshire houses of the six­teenth century who has been handed down as having sullied the honour of her family (Hunter's Lupset). She is said to have had seven illegitimate children.


II. JOHN SAVILE, Esq., of Lupset.

Died 16 Jan., 21 Hen. VIII, according to the Inquisition 30 June, 25 Hen. VIII (1533), taken at Wakefield before Sir Brian Hastings and Anthony Awkwood, Esq. He was seised in his demesne of 4 acres of land called Gylbert's Rodde in Lupsett in the township of Stanley, also in one messuage and three acres of land in Stanley called Lupsett. The 4 acres are held of the King in socage as of his manor of Wakefield by fealty and a rent of 4d. yearly, and are worth yearly 2s. The said messuage and 3 acres in Lupsett are of like tenure, rent 7½d. yearly, and are worth yearly 2s. 8d. The said John was seised in his demesne as of fee tail, viz. to himself and the heirs male of his body, reversion to Henry Savile, Knt., for ever of one messuage, 100 acres of land, 60 of meadow, 100 of pasture, 20 of wood, in Hunsworth, Byrley, and Clakheton, and of one water mill in Clakheton, and so seised he died. The premises in Hunsworth are held of the said Henry Sayvyll by reason of the said reversion by what tenure the jury know not, and are worth yearly 10li. clear. The said John died 16 Jan., 21 Hen. VIII, Henry Sayvyll, son and next heir, was then aged 12 years and more.

Mar. Anne, daughter and heiress of William Wyatt; remar. Leonard Bate. They had issue -

III. HENRY SAVILE, Esq., of Lupset and Barrowby, ju. ux.; Surveyor of the Crown for the Northern Provinces, commonly called "The Surveyor"; M.P. Yorkshire 1558; High Sheriff 1567; one of the Council of the North; will 5 Jan., 1568-9, proved 16 May, 1569 (Reg. Test., xviii, 11 York, and Sheffield 2, P.C.C.); Inq. p. m. 7 Sept., 12 Eliz. (1570).

Will. - 1 Jan., 1568. Henry Savile of Lupsett, Esquier. My body to be buried in the parishe churche, where it shall please God to call me, onlesse it be in the Countie of Yorke or Lincolne, then I will that my body be buried in the parishe churche of Thornehill or Baroughby by my ancestores at Thornehill, or at Barowghby where Johan, my late wief, lieth,


decentlie and comelie as to my executor shalbe thought most mete. I will that my house at Wakefelde bridge and called the Chauntry house, of the yerelie value of xxvjs. viijd., and the messuage over against the same wherein John Roo dwellith, of the yerely value of xxiiijs., and my cotages lieng nere and those closes nere to Hernes (?) feilde in the parishe of Wake­felde, of the yerelye rent of ..... belonging to my Chauntery, and all that messuage in Wakefelde, of the yerlie value of xxs., which latelie belonged to the late Chauntery of our Lady in Wakefelde, and all my houses belonging to my late Chauntery to Sir William Cordell, knight, Mr. of the Rolles, Leonard Bate, gentleman, William Savile of Humby, Esquier, Henry Bate, gentleman, and William Savile, gentleman, my servaunt, and to their heires, upon condicon that they with the said landes make an hospitall at the bridge ende at Wake­felde, in suche order as the said Mr. of the Rolles shall devise, in the names of me and Dorothie my wife, the said Leonard Bate and Anne his wife, being my naturall mother, who I trust will augment the same according to their promyse unto me for six pore people contynuallie for ever to pray for all Christian people, the which hospitall I will shall be erected within thre yeres after my death, which I do most hartelie require my wife and Mr. Bate and my mother to consent unto, and to suffer the proffittes of the premisses to be bestowed there on as my full trust is they will do. I give to Sir William Cordell, Leonard Bate, William Savile, Henry Bate, and Wil­liam Savile for the building of the hospitall, and to make con­venient romes for every of the six pore folkes with gardeyns, as shalbe convenient, ffortie poundes, and do chardge George Savile, my sonne and heire, upon my blessing to agree to the same foundacon, and to make assueraunce of the premisses asmuche as in hym is, and to augment the same to his power for his duetie to Almyghtie God, and to be thankefull to hym for the greate benefites that he hath received at his handes. To Dorothie, my wife, the occupacon and proffittes of my parsonages of Wakefelde and Dewisburie, whiche I have for terme of yeres, according to the covernauntes at our mariage, she paieng the yerlie rent, and after her decease I gyve my lease to George my sonne upon condicon that he shall suffer Doro­thie, my wife, to have during her life all the mannors and landes in the parishe of Barowghby, late the enheritament of William Vernon, Esquier, and the Lady Bozome, his wife, which I now holde as tenaunte, she paieng to hym as shall hereafter be appointed by this my will, and if my sonne George do not suffer my wife to enioye the Mannors in the said parishe during her life, then I will that after the death of my wife my sonne, ffraunces Savile, shall have the lease of the parsonages. I give the manor of Crumwell, in the Countie of Nottingham, which I latelie purchased of my cosen Dorothie Savile, to my wife during her life, and after her decease to Cordell Savile, my thirde sonne, and the heires of his body upon this condicon hereafter expressed, and for defaulte of yssue to my right heires. I bequeath the occupacon of the parsonage of Crumwell unto my wife, and after her decease to Cordell Savile. To George Savile, my sonne, my lease of my farme at Whissendine in the Countie of Rutland, which


I have of the graunte of Thomas Cony of Bassingethorpe, Esquier, my stocke of c shepe and two mares in Castrooppe feilde, in the parishe of Barowghbie, and the tythes of Newboo, he paieng yerelie to my wife for the shepe gates xls., and for the tyth iiijs. iiijd. I will that within a convenient tyme all my cattell, corne, horses, mares, cowltes, and shepe being upon the demesnes of Barowghby, Whissondyne, Wyvell, Houghton, and Lynly, in the Counties of Lincoln and Notting­ham, and Hatfield gate and Hooke in the Countie of Yorke, and Epworthe and Crowle (excepte suche legaces bequeathed out of the same), shalbe solde towardes the payment of my funeralles, debtes, and legaces. I gyve all my housholde and ymplementes of husbandry at Barowghbie unto my wife, and I will that she enioye to her use during her life all the said mannors in Barrowgbiie, paieng my sonne George foertie poundes yerelie, and the parsonage of Baroughbie and landes, and after the death of my wife my sonne George shall have all the parsonage and said landes and my interest of the patent and office which my Lorde Admyrall, the Lorde Clynton, and I have graunted to us by the Quenes Matie of thoffice of Hatfeilde and Thorne Meare, and all my householde stuffe, &c., at Hatfeilde, my leases of the Mannor house of Epworth, and landes of the manor of Wrotte, upon this condicon, that he suffer my wife to have during her life the said mannor, and if he refuse, then I gyve them to my sonne, Cordell Savile. To my wife all my housholde stuffe, cattell, horses, corne (ex­cepte my plate), at Thornhill and New Parke and at Crumwell, in full satisfaction of her porcon. I will that all my plate shall be equallie devided in two partes, thone to my wife, thother to my sonne Frauncis Savile and my daughter Katheryne, his wife. To my wife the profittes of one lease nere Lupsett of the devise of Mistres Palmes, and of closes and the vicaridge of Crowle, and after her decease to my sonne George. I will that my sonne Cordell Savile shall call for an accompte for the goodes of the father of Mary, his wife, to be made by his executor according to his Inventory at Yorke, her parte wherein amountith to a thousand markes, and do pray myne executors to assiste my sonne and his wife. I will that George Wyett shall have the occupacon of the house of the said Mary, which she hath in lease of the late Archebusshop of Yorke, and of Wellam tythe, unto my sonne Cordell be of thaige of xxj yeres, paieng to my sonne and his wife fiftie poundes yerelie. I will that my sonne Cordell and Mary his wife shalbe in the order of his godfather Sir William Cordell, Knight, Mr. of the Rolles. I will the mannour of Crumwell after the death of my wife to Fraunces Savile, my sonne. I will that the said Fraunces and Katheryne his wife shall enter into her parte at Whitsontide or Metyl misse after my decease, so that they be ordered by Sir William Cordell, Knight. To my daughter Bridgitt fower hundreth poundes, the money for the payment whereof I will to my executors the mannors of Sotell, Hangingheaton, Chidsell, and Darrington, after the death of the Lady Savile untill suche tyme as they have re­ceived the some of ccccli., and that the said Sir William shall have the bringing upp of my daughter. And also for avoiding of trouble hereafter betwene my executors and the Commyttees


of Thomas Wilbram, my wyves sonne, I do declare I did owe to my said sonne Thomas Wilbram cclxli. and vijclxli. I have put into the handes of Sir William Cordell, my brother, Anthony Gravener, and Henry Bate, certyn leases and goodes. Whereas two hundreth poundes is owing to me by Peter Haldsworth of Hallifax, I will my executors shall receive the same and shall pay the same to Dorothie my wife, who I will shall have the same and pay the debtes due to her sonne. I will that Friswithe my daughter shall have a full parte of my goodes according to my covernauntes made with Roger Ratcliff, Esquier, her husbande's father. To my sonne George my flagan chayne. To Dorothie my wife my chayne of lincke fasshion, parte wherof was my father Vernons. To Fraunces Savile, my sonne, my cheyne of small linckes which George my sonne now hath, and if my sonne George be not content with theis thre devises then my wife to have the flagan cheyne. To my Lady Cordell my white gelding. To Mrs. Allington my owen gelding. I will that George Wyett have the ferme in Barrowghbie in the tenure of Henry Horner. To John Wyat landes in Sutton upon Lounde of the value of iiijli. xs., and after to Cordell Savile. To said John one fermeholde in Crumwell. Whereas I have one lease of the Mr. of the Savoye in the Counties of Yorke, Lincoln, Nottingham, and Lancashire, I will the same to William Savile, my servaunt, also one yerelie rent of iiili. of the mylne of Horbury during the life of the Lady Savile, now wife to Richard Gascoigne, Esquier, and after his decease the said annuitie of iijli. shalbe taken upon my landes in Chidsell. I gyve my lease of my terme of Horburie myll to George Savile, my sonne, during the life of the Lady as is aforesaid. To Gabriell Savile, my servaunt, one yerelie rent of foure markes. Whereas I owe somes of money aswell to my cosen, Dorothie Savile, as to others, and there is landes put upon trust towardes the payment of the debtes, parte whereof is solde, I will that somuche as is unsolde shall be solde towardes the payment of my cosen Dorothie and my debtes, legacies, and funeralles, as to my executors shalbe thought mete to supplye the rest over my corne, cattall, and other goodes before appointed to be solde, and the residue of the said landes I will that John Bate and Edward Birtbye shall make a good estate to my sonne George Savile. The residue of my goodes thone moitie I gyve to Dorothie my wife, and thother to my sonnes George, Fraunces and Cordell, and to my daughters Friswith and Bridgett. I make executors Sr William Cordell, Knight, Mr. of the Rolls, Dorothie my wife, William Savile, of Humby, Esquier, Leonard Bate and Henry Bate, Esquiers, and I gyve to Sir William lxxxli. and one yonge dapled grey hobby, and to William Savile, Leonard and Henry Bate, to every of them twentie poundes. Witnesses, Bryan Thornehill, p. me Willm. Savile, p. me Gabrielem Savile, p. me Johem Nottingham. Proved 16 May, 1569.

Inq. p. m. - Henry Savile, late of Lupset, arm., taken at Wakefield 7 Sept., 12 Eliz., 1570, before Thomas Gargrave, Knt., William Hamond, Esq., Robert Lee, Esq., and Charles Jackson, Esq.

The Jurors say, That before his death, he and one Thomas Savile, late of Exley, were seised of the manors of Thornhill,


Southowrom, Eland Parke, Skircote, Brighouse, Hipperholme, Ovenden, Shelfe, Wyke, Waddesworth, Stansfeld, Myrfelde and Thurlston, and of 400 messuages, 206 cottages, 200 tofts, 20 watermills, 6 fulling mills, 10 wind mills, 20 dove cotes, 70 gardens, 6,000 acres of land, 2,200 acres of meadow, 4,000 acres of pasture, 1,030 acres of wood, 8,000 acres of moor, 1,000 acres of moss, 1,000 acres of turbary, 1,000 acres of heath and furze, and £20 rent and of a free fishery in the water of Chalder, and of the advowson of the church of Thornehill, to the use of Edward Savile, Esq., during his life, and after his decease to the use of Henry Savile in the writ, and his heirs male, and their heirs, as by an indenture 10 Oct., 8 Eliz. (1566), made between Edward Savile, late of Thornhyll, on the 1st part, and the said Henry Savile and Thomas Savile, of Exley, Esq., of the 2d part, and Richard Beamond of Whitley and John Thornhyll of Fixby, Esqres, of the 3d part, by which the said Edward Savile was seised of all the premisses for his life, and is still living.

Moreover the jurors say that the said Edward Savile was seised to himself and heirs male in the reversion of the manors of Gretland, Routonstall and Emley, and of lands in Byerley, Bollinge, Clayton, Heaton Clacke, Gomersall, Leversedge, Huddersfelde and Skelmanthorpe, and of the reversion of the manors of Hunsworth, Elande, Staneland, Barkisland, Ryshworth, Norlande, Golcarre, and Bothomhall, which Lady Elizabeth Savile, formerly wife of Sir Henry Savile, held and yet holds for her life, and being so seised the said Edward Savile levied a fine in the octave of St. Michael, 8 Eliz., be­tween him and Robert Fletcher, querents, and the aforesaid Henry Savile, Dorothy Savile, sister and heir apparent of said Edward, Michaell Sotehill. Thomas Savile of Copley, Esq., Thomas Savile of Hullinedge, Nicholas Savile of Newhall, Thomas Savile of Exley, Thomas Savile of Banke, Thomas Thornhyll, and John Batte, deforciants, by which fine the said Edward and Robert granted the manors to Thomas Thorn­hyll and John Batte for 100 years if Edward so long shall live, and after to remain to Henry Savile, late of Lupset, deceased, and to his heirs male, remainder to the heirs of Thomas Savile, formerly of Lupsett, deceased, grandfather of the said Henry, with remainder to the Saviles above.

Moreover the jurors say that Lady Elizabeth, above, late wife of Sir Henry Savile, deceased, was seised for life of the manors of Sotehill, Chydesell, Hanging Heaton, Smeaton, Laxton, Darrington in Darton, with remainder to Dorothy Savile, daughter of the said Sir Henry, and her heirs for ever, and the said Dorothy in consideration of £1,800 paid her by the said Henry in the commission, by her deed 5 Oct., 9 Eliz. (1567), sold the said lands to Henry Savile and Richard Beamonde and the heirs of Henry, by virtue of which inden­ture the said Henry and Richard were seised of the above manors, &c.

Moreover the jury say that some time before the decease of Henry Savile, named in the commission, Edward Savile was seised in the manors of Haddlesay and Tankersley, and of lands in Hunshelfe and Pondes, and being so seised, in consideration of a marriage to be had between George Savile,


son and heir of Henry Savile of Lupset, and Mary Talbot, one of the daughters of George, Earl of Shrewsbury, by in­denture 10 June, 2 Eliz. (1560), made between The Honourable George Talbot, now Earl of Shrewsbury, of the 1st part, Edward Savile of the 2d part, and Henry Savile of Lupsett of the 3d part, he the said Edward agreed he would make a good estate of the manors, &c., Edward, Earl of Derby, Henry, Earl of Rutland, William, Earl of Pembroke, William Cecill, Kt., James Dyer, Kt., William Cordell, Kt., Thomas Gargrave, Kt., William Calverley, Kt., William Gascoigne, and Walter Calverley, Esqres., to hold the same to the use of the Lady Elizabeth, after to said Edward, and after to the said George Savile and Mary Talbot and heirs male.

Mar. 1st, Margaret, daughter and coheiress of Henry Fuller or Fowler, licence 3 May, 1545. They had issue -

Mar. 2ly, Joan, daughter and heiress of William Vernon, of Barrowby, co. Lincoln, widow of Sir Richard Bozon, Knt. (Linc. Pedigrees, Harl. Soc.); bur. at Barrowby. They had issue -

1 Mr. Brown, in Yorkshire Deeds, i, 89 (Rec. Ser.), rather doubts this match. Katherine Conyers mar. John Atherton, Esq., of Atherton, and her will, 10 Jan., 1625-6 (Katherine, late wife of John Atherton), makes no mention of Francis Savile. On the other hand Henry Savile the father, leaves legacy to him and his wife Katherine. Foster says he married 1st, Mary, daughter of Gilbert Saltonstall, of Rookes. There seems no further information about him.