[Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, vol. 25, pp. 1-47 (1920)
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E. SIR GEORGE SAVILE,1 8th Bart., of Thornhill, Rufford, etc.; an eminent politician; M.P. Yorkshire 1758-83; died unmar. 10, bur. 24 Jan., 1784, Thornhill (Reg.), æt. 57 years (Whitaker); M.I. (see Dict. Nat. Biog.).

Abstract of Will of Sir Geo. Savile- of Rufford, co. Nottm., Bart.

Date 18 Aug., 1783. Very long Will, mentions Brother in law, John Hewitt of Shire Oaks, Notts., Esqre. Rev. John Michell of Thornhill, clerk, and Gilbert Michell of same. Rev. Dr. Newton Ogle of Abbots Worthy, co. South­ampton, and Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knight. Nephew in law, Francis Ferrand Foljambe, and niece, Mary Arabella Foljambe his wife, John Foljambe their eldest son, and Francis Foljambe their 2nd son. Nephew, Hon. Richd. Lumley (2nd son of my sister Barbara, Countess of Scarborough, by the Rt. Hon. Richd., late Earl of Scarborough, decd.). Nephew, John Lumley, 3rd son of sd. Barbara. Nephew, Frederick Lumley, 4th son of sd. Barbara. Nephew, Savile Hy. Lumley, 5th son of sd. Barbara. Nephew, William Lumley, 6th son of sd. Barbara. Person becoming entitled to Mansion to take sirname Savile.

Codicil. - Dated 19 Aug., 1783. Mentions Cousin, Eliza Pratt, now living with my Mother. Cousin, Baroness Starck.

Proved 25 March, 1784.


1. GEORGE SAVILE, of Grantham, 2d son of Thomas Savile, of Lupset, and Margaret Basforth2; mar. Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of ..... Sturley, son and heir of Henry Sturley; bur. at Somerby-by-Grantham. They had issue -

II. WILLIAM SAVILE, of Grantham, Humby, and Sapperton; will 3 May, 1598, proved 24 May, 1600; to be buried at Somerby; Inq. p. m. 20 Oct., 43 Eliz. (1600).

Willelmi Savyle, nuper de Humby, co. Linc.

P. 1, N. 90. Inq. p. m. - 20 Oct., 43 Eliz. (1601). He was seised of the Manor of Sapperton within the ..... of Granthem, and of divers lands and Messuages there. The Manor was worth £3 6s. 8d. yearly, the lands, etc., £4. He died at Humby, 20 Feb., 41 Eliz. (1598-9), when Wm., son

1 He was the last heir male of the main branch of the Savile family. The estates came to his nephews, Richard and John Lumley, Earls of Scarborough, who assumed the name of Savile.
2 Page 15.


and heir of John Savile, gent., son and heir of the said William, was found to be his heir, and aged 14 years and more at his grandfather's death.

Wilhelmi Savile, armigeri.

P. 1, N. 104. Inq. p. m. - 19 Jan., 4 Jac. I (1607). Melius Inquirend', and merely relates to tenures in Lincolnshire, referring to a former Inq.

Wilhelmi Savile, armigeri.

P. 2, N. 83. Inq. p. m. - 8 April, 3 Jac. I (1605). He was seised in his demesne as of fee of the Manor of Saperton, co. Linc., formerly the estate of Lord Audley, and of another Manor of Saperton, late the estate of Lord Hussey, and of divers messuages and lands there. He was seised also of a moiety of the manor of Humby Magna and Somerby, co. Lincoln, and of divers messuages and lands at Humby Magna, Somerby, Ingolsby, Ropseley, Walcott, and Haseby, parcel of the said Manor of Humby, and of the advowson of the church of Saperton, and a moiety of the advowson of the church of Somerby. And being so seised on the 19th May, 20th Eliz., by Indenture made between said William Savile and Ann his wife of the one part, and Nicholas Strelley of Stratford Bow, in co. Middx., Esq., and Susan his wife of the 2d part, and in consideration of a marriage before then solemnized between John Savile, gent., son and heir apparent of the said William, and Cecily, then only daughter and heir apparent of the said Nicholas and Susanna, he the said, covenanted and agreed with sd. Nicholas for settlement of the estate as set out here at great length. Wm. Savile, gent., was found to be kinsman and heir of the William above mentioned, viz. son and heir of John, son and heir of the said William, and now aged 19 years and 8 days.

Wilhelmi Savile, armigeri.

P. 2, N. 68. Inq. p. m. - 27 Aug., 3 Jac. I (1605). Melius Inquirendum about facts stated in the Inq., 8 April, 3 Jac. I.

Mar. Anne, daughter and coheir of Godfrey Colville of Humby; will 31 Aug., 1600, proved May, 1601; bur. at Somerby. They had issue -

III. JOHN SAVILE, High Sheriff of Lincoln, 1590; bur. at Somerby; mar. Cecily, daughter of Nicholas Strelley, of


Stratford Bowe; remar. Humphrey Cardinall. They had issue -

IV. WILLIAM SAVILE, of Humby, aet. 14, 1598; Patron of Rectory of Sapperton; mar. Katharine, daughter of Sir Richard Pell, Knt., of Dembleby, licence, 20 Jan., 1605. They had issue -

(Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Harl. Soc., 860.)


I. THOMAS SAVILE, of Stanley Hall, in Wakefield parish, some tlme of Netherton (Glover), a younger son of Thomas Savile, of Lupset2; mar. 1st, Katherine, daughter of John Chaloner, of Stanley alias Midgley Hall; mar. 2ly, Joan, daughter of John Michell, of Crossley. They had issue -

1 There is very little information about this branch. Part is in Glover's Visita­tion and in Foster's Pedigrees, and Mr. Taylor, in Wakefield Rectory Manor, refers to several of the persons. It seems strange that no M.I. exists in Wakefield Cathedral. There are many entries in the registers difficult to identify.
2 Page 15.


II. JOHN SAVILE, of Stanley, living 1585 (Glover); died Rich­mond, 10 Aug., 32 Eliz. (1590).

Will. - 27 Jan., 1588-9. To be bur. in the Parish church of Wakefield. Elizabeth, now wife. To godson, John Vava­sour, son of Maior Vavasour, an annuity of £3 6s. 8d. To Joane Vavasour, my daughter, now wife of Maior Vavasour, an annuity of xvli. To daughter, Margaret Waller, wife of William Waller, an annuity of xvli. Thomas, George, my brethren, supervisors. To Saraie Sproxton, daughter of Richard


Sproxton, vli. To Grace Sproxton, daughter of Richard Sproxton, vli. Residue to Elizabeth my wife and Margaret Waller, my daughter, executors.

Codicil. - 27 Jan., 1588-9. I give to John, son of Henry Savile, a lease of tenement in Arkendall.

Proved 29 Aug., 1590 (Reg. Test., xxiv, 382).

Mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Cockson, of Wakefield. They had issue -

1 He built the church wall at his own charge (Reg.).


III. JOHN SAVILE, of Netherton; bur. 14 Dec., 1602 (Reg.); Adm. 20 Dec., 1602, to wife Elizabeth (Act Book).

Inq. p. m. - 6 Sept., 1 James I (1603). John Savile, late of Netherton, or Nether Shitlington, gent., taken at Doncaster. He was seised of the manor of Netherton and of 2 messuages, 2 cottages, 5 gardens, 2 applegarths, one water corn mill, 40 acres of land, 20 of meadow, 30 of pasture, and 4 of wood, and by indenture 1 May, 37 Eliz. (1595), made between him and his wife Elizabeth of the 1st part, Jarvase Wyrrell, Esq., of Loversall, and Sampson Mallory, gent., of the 2d part,

1 In the printed Thornhill Register, Mr. Benedict Savile, bur. 22 Nov., 1652. Can it be a mistake for Mrs. ?
2 Arthur had legacy of manors in Wil­liam Savile's will, 1653-4, and is men­tioned in Manor Rolls, 20 Car. II. Foster says he died unmarried.


and Robert Stappleton of Wyghell, Kt., John Mallory, Esq., now Kt., of the 3d part, assured the premisses above to the use of the said John Savile and Elizabeth his wife for their lives, remainder to the use of Stappleton Savile, gent., their heir, remainder to the 2d, 3d, and 4th sons of John and heirs, remainder to the right heirs of said Stappleton. The said John died 20 Dec., 45 Elizabeth (1602), Elizabeth his wife surviving, when Stappleton their son was aged 9 years and 10 months.

Mar. Elizabeth, .....; remar. Thomas Riccard, Esq.; bur. 10 May, 1606, Thornhill (Reg.). They had issue -


A. GEORGE SAVILE, of Wakefield (younger son of Thomas Savile, of Stanley) (I); a woollen merchant, called a "Blackwell Hall man," lived at Haselden Hall; Governor, or perhaps real founder of Wakefield Grammar School; a churchwarden; died 24 Oct., 1593.

Will. - 6 Oct., 1593. George Savile, Wakefield, gent. Eldest son, George Savile, shall have all the lease which I or