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either of my sons had of the grant of William Savile, of Humbie, co. Linc., Esq., of George Savile of Thornhill, Knt., of the tithes of corn and hay of Osset, Standley, the new parke and ould parke of Wakefield. To my eldest son George the parsonage and tithes of Otley and Calverley, my second son Thomas and George Spivie to convey all their right to my said son. To my second son, Thomas Savile, the parsonage and tithes of Bardsey, George Savile and George Spivie to convey their interest to Thomas Savile, also lease of Hassell tithe and lease I had at Owsten. Fourscore pounds of current English money shall be given out of the goods which I have conveyed to my brother, Robert Savile, John Battye, and George Spivie, to the governors of the free school of Wakefield to the use of the school in two years, and if there be not a house builded for that use I will that the said sum shall be given to George Savile, Thomas Savile, Richard Sproxton, Richard Claiton, William Savill, John Battie, Thos. Robinson, Thomas Cave, to be employed for the poor of Wakefield. George and Thomas Savile to convey to my wife the tithes of corn in Haton in Nottingham. I will if my son Rodes be contented that his son which he had by my daughter shall be brought up and kept with one of my sons from the time of my decease until such time that he shall be fit to go to one of the Universities, that then my nephew shall have maintenance for his educa­tion and bringing up in learning till the time the goods which I appoint be conveyed to my sons George and Thomas for that purpose. George Savile, son of my brother Robert to be maintained at school till he be fit for the University of the goods which I shall appoint, and from the time he shall go to the University he shall have £6 13s 4d. paid unto him yearly for 10 years, if he continue so long there, out of the parson­ages in Notts. by sons George and Thomas and Geo. Sproxton. And if the school goe forward and be built in the time aforesaid, I give £20 out of the leases in Notts. to be for the use of the poor of Wakefield. To Margaret Walker one cowe. To Alice Savile 2 kine. To Thomas his son of Thornhill, £3 6s. 8d. To Sir Rodes a ring. John Spivie to have meat so long as he be content to be in my house with son George. Sister Battie shall have one cloak of a sad greene which was my wife's. Son George lease of tithe of Clayton, Frickley, and Hooton Pannell, which I had of John Savile of Howley, Esq., and that my brother Robert, John Battie, and George Spivie shall make assurance to him, and son Thomas shall convey his right to George of his right in tithe of Hooton, which my son Thomas and I purchased. Residue to George and Thomas, executors. Proved 2 Nov., 1593 (Reg. Test., xxv, 475).

Inq. p. m. (Abstract.) - 26 Nov., 36 Eliz. (1593). He was seised of 50 messuages, 40 cottages, 40 tofts, 30 barns, 6 dovecotes, 50 gardens, 300 acres of land, 300 of meadow, 300 of pasture, 10 of wood, 50 of heath and furze, 50 of moor in Wakefield, Standley, Sandall, Woodall, Newton, Owthorpe, Pontefract, Hunsworth, Horbury, Ossett, Osgnathorpe, Knowethorpe, Leedes, and Halton. He had the capital messuage of Hasylden Hall, etc., which he left to George his son and heirs, remainder to his son Thomas. He had a messuage called Horberry Hall in Horberry, etc., which he left to his


son Thomas, remainder to son George. The said George Savile died 24 Oct., 35 Eliz. (1593), when George, his son and heir, was aged 33 years and more, and Elizabeth, late wife of George, is still living.

Mar. Elizabeth, daughter of George Spivie, of Wakefield. They had issue -

Mar. 2ly, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Grice, of Wakefield, widow of John Nowell, licence, 1591.


Will. - 11 Jan., 1613-4. Elizabeth Savile of Milnthorpe, widdowe. To brother, Henry Grice, Esq., best geldinge in full satis­faction. To Elizabeth, wyfe of said Henry my best gowne and kirtle. To his three sonnes, Richard, Thomas, and Edward Grice, to everie of them one cowe and all my sheepe devided. To Henrie, heyre apparant of said Henrie Grice, Esq., all the glasse and sealinge in my nowe dwellinghowse at Milnthrope, one longe table, one bench, one longe table, one square table, one liverie cupbord and one bench in the dyninge parlor, and one standinge bed in the chamber over the parlor. To Eliza­beth, daughter of said Henrie Grice, Esq., my nutt sett in silver and guilded, one payr of fyne lynne sheetes, and payre of pillowe covers, one damaske table cloth, one dozen of fine line napkins, sowed withe white worke, and a linnen towell. To Francis, Margaret, Anne, and Suzan Grice, daughters of said Henrie, to everie of them a silver cupp and one payre of linnen sheetes, one payre of linne pillow covers, and to everie one one linnen table cloth. To Henrie, sonne of Henrie Grice, Esq., one trunke which was his uncle, Mr. Robert Grice's, and these parcelles of plate and lynnen therein, two saltes, double guilt, halfe a dozen of silver spoones with lyons at the end, and two silver cupps, double guilt, one silver beaker, one damaske table cloth, one dozen of damaske nap­kins, and one damaske towell. Mr. Richard Lister shall have a morninge cloake at my funerall, to him my new bible. To Mres. Ashburne my newe freise gowne and my freeze kirtle. (Bequests to servants.) £10 to repayringe of the high wayes between Milnethorpe and Wakefield. £20 to be bestowed on some parcell of land where uppon I will three Alms howses shalbe buylded for three poore widdowes. Henrie Grice supervisor. Residue to Henrie sonne and heir apparent of said Henrie Grice, and he and his father executors. Thomas Watterton of Walton, Esq., and Michael Wentworth of Wolley, supervisors. Witnesses, Richard Lister, John Prynce, Wil­liam Bevit, John Awstwick. Proved York, 9 Aug., 1614 (Reg. Test., xxxiii, 239).

B. THOMAS SAVILE, Esq., of Wakefield (heir male to his brother George).

Will. - 23 April, 1599. Thomas Savile, Esq., of Wakefield. I will that my body shall be buried in the parish church of Wakefield. I will unto my daughters, Dorothie, Margrett, and Elizabeth Savile, all those 6 messuages and 6 oxgangs of land in Owston which I hold by demise from the Queen's Matie, to have the same for xxj years, and after the term or after the death of the survivor of them I will the residue unto the child which my wife goeth with (if it be a son), and if it be not a son then to my son John. I will my rectory or parsonage of Everton, co. Notts., which I hold of demise from the Queen, to said daughters for xxj years, and after to the child (etc., as before). Whereas George Spivie holdeth for his life after the death of me the parsonage of Sutton upon Lound, Scrowby, Gringley, Bollome, Tilne, Wellome, and Mooregate in co. Nott., and the rectory of Heiton, yet nevertheless in confidence


that he shall convey the one moiety to such persons as the said Thomas Savile shall nominate, my will is George Spivie shall convey the same after my death to such persons as Richard Clayton of Wakefield, and John Battie shall advise so that the benefit shall come to my 3 daughters and to the child my wife goeth with, if it be a daughter for xxj years, then to the use of my son John. I give the child my right of the tithes of Hersell in the parish of Wragby. I will my wife Sara shall have the education of my son and heir till xxj or be married, my wife to become bound with securities as my supervisors, Sir John Savile to be one, shall think fit, if my wife shall not I will my supervisors especially Sir John Savile, to make choice of some persons for the education of my children. I give her the 3d part of my goods. Rest to my daughters and the child my wife goeth with, whom I make executors. Witnesses, Wm. Clayton, Richard Clayton, John Battie. A codicil. - The said Thomas Savile did appoint by will nuncupative supervisor, Richard Clayton of Wakefield, draper, William Clayton of Okenshaw, and John Battie of Wakefield, chapman, and gave unto every of them five pounds. Proved York, 7 Aug., 1599 (Reg. Test., xxvii, 661).

Inq. p. m. - 23 Sept., 42 Eliz. (1600). He was seised of burgages in Wakefield, 6 messuages, 6 gardens, 3 villages, 6 tofts, 5 applegarths, 40 acres of land, 30 of meadow, 30 of pasture, 20 of moor in Wakefield, Newton, and Stanley. Sara was his wife. Elizabeth, wife of George Savile, was seised of Haselden Hall. The said Thomas was seised in two parts of a messuage called Horbury Hall, and of the rectory of Thorp and advowson. He died - April, 41 Eliz. (1599), and John Savile, his son, was aged 9 months and 4 days.

Mar. Sarah, daughter of Richard Clayton, of Wakefield (remar. 28 Oct., 1602, Wakefield, Sir Robert Mounson, Knt., of North Carlton, who died 15 Sept., 1638); bur. High Choir, Wakefield, 11 Aug., 1640. They had issue -

C. JOHN SAVILE, Esq., of Wakefield; aet. 9 months and 4 days at his father's Inq.; mar. Katherine, daughter of Sir William Monson, Knt., of Carlton; bapt. 18 Sept., 1606 (Linc. Visitation). They had issue -


D. WILLIAM SAVILE, Esq., of Wakefield.

Will. - 31 Jan., 1653-4. I give an annuity of £10 to Jerman Poole of Wakefield till he is 21, and then to have in lieu £100. To my aunt, the Lady Wentworth, 10s., to my aunt, the Lady Monson, 10s., and to my cosen, Mr. Simon Musgrave, 10s., to buy rings. To my loving friend, Mr. George Ryder of the City of Westminster, one bond of £3,000 wherein Mr. Rumsey and Mr. Irwin stand bound unto me for the payment of £1,500, and I give him all the debt by virtue of the bond. To George Ryder and my friend, Mr. Wm. Slater of Halifax, £50 a piece, to be paid by Mr. Arthur Savile out of my lands. To my cosen, Thos. Hatfeild, an annuity of £3. To Mrs. Williamson, wife of Francis Williamson of Whitefryers, London, £20 to buy a horse. To Mr. Geo. Ryder all bedding and furniture in the house now occupied by Wm. Beeston of Wakefield. To said cozen, Mr. Arthur Savile, all my manors in co. York to him and his heirs. Codicil. - Feb. 6, 1653. To my loving friend, Geo. Ryder, my messuage at Hemsworth after the death of Sir Thos. Midleton, Knt. Proved London, 20 Feb., 1653-4, by George Ryder (Vol. Alchin., 361).

Mar. 1st, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Francis Williamson, of Westminster; mar. 2ly, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Romley, Esq. (remar. William Oglethorpe).