What's new on this site: October-December 2007

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19 December 2007:

New material

In the Feet of Fines section, abstracts of fines for Berkshire (1501-1509) (33 fines), Buckinghamshire (1358-1509) (926 fines) and Northamptonshire (1357-1509) (971 fines) have been added.

Professor Robert Palmer's already huge Anglo-American Legal Tradition project, which is making images of thousands of medieval English legal records available online, has recently been extended to take in most of the 13th century, by including the reign of Henry III. It will now also include the feet of fines up to 1509, and images of about 2800 of them - for the counties of Hertfordshire (1358-1509), Northamptonshire (1357-1509) and Oxfordshire (1335-1509) - have already been uploaded to the AALT website, with further counties due to be added next year. I have included links to these images in the Feet of Fines section of this website.

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