What was new on this site: up to June 2001

For the most recent additions, with links, see the update page. For brief details of the current quarter's additions, see What's new on this site.

3 June 2001: Links checked and updated where necessary; apparently defunct links marked.
A number of new links added:

11 May 2001: Style sheets modified to improve the appearance of the site (I hope).
Navigation bar with drop-down menus added at the top of each page, to allow easier navigation within the site.
Note about HTML/style-sheet representation of chart pedigrees added to the About this site section.

All links checked; apparently defunct links marked or removed. A number of new links added:

24 February 2001: All links on the site checked, and a number of apparently defunct ones - sadly - removed.
A number of new links added:

10 February 2001: New counter added, courtesy of TheCounter.com, to replace the previous one, now apparently deceased (FXWeb Web Technologies: the bear's ears now wiggle, but he can't count).

04 February 2001: A number of new links added:

25 January 2001: Improved search facility added, courtesy of Atomz, allowing more powerful searches, including exact phrases.

13 January 2001: The Medieval source material on the internet section has been completely reorganised, giving fuller bibliographical details wherever possible.
Many new items have been added to this section, the most significant being to the gallica web site, where a large quantity of material is available in PDF format (including over 160 volumes of the Rolls Series, the Recueil des historiens des croisades series and the three-volume Syllabus of Rymer's Foedera).
Other new links include:

01 January 2001: Transcripts of documents relating to Gerbod, Earl of Chester and Gundred, the wife of William of Warenne, first Earl of Surrey, added.

28 November 2000: Frames presentation of Argentein family history added.

24 November 2000: Finished checking and updating links throughout the site.

12 November 2000: About 30 links to Pat Patterson's site, added in the medieval English families section, together with several other links in other sections.

3 October 2000: Earls Colne, Essex: Records of an English Village 1375-1854 (Cambridge University).
Links added, in the section on medieval source material on the internet to the transcripts of documents; and in the brief guide to medieval English genealogy to the reference section.

1-2 October 2000: A number of new links added, including:

27-28 September 2000: A number of new links added, including:

6 September 2000: List of Medieval English families on the internet added.

2 June 2000: Search facility added, courtesy of FreeFind [since replaced, 25/01/2001].

29 May 2000: A number of new links added, including:

10 May 2000: Existing sections revised, and A brief guide to medieval English genealogy added.