What's new on this site: July-September 2008

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21 August 2008:

New material

I'm very grateful to Stephen Swailes for permission to reproduce here his transcripts of Northamptonshire tax assessments from 1301 and the reign of Henry VIII. These include nearly 19000 named individuals, and can be searched for personal and place names. Stephen has also provided an introduction to the 1301 assessment, with tables of detailed statistics.

I'm also very grateful to Mrs Katharine Hanna for the opportunity to make available her abstracts of Hampshire feet of fines of the reign of King John - CP 25/1/203/2 (1199-1203) and CP 25/1/203/3 (1203-1216). The abstracts can be searched for personal and place names using the general feet of fines search facility.

In the Feet of Fines section, abstracts of fines for Oxfordshire (1355-1509) (656 fines) and Hampshire (1355-1413) (338 fines) have been added.

On Professor Robert Palmer's Anglo-American Legal Tradition website, images of feet of fines for Bedfordshire (1272-1509), Hampshire (1217-1509), Kent (1376-1399 and 1485-1509), Leicestershire (1217-1509) annd Nottinghamshire (1218-1509) (more than 10000 fines in total) have been added. I have included links to these images in the Feet of Fines section.

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