What's new on this site: October-December 2011

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19 December 2011:

New material

In the Feet of Fines section, abstracts of fines for Worcestershire (1356-1421) (180 fines) and Divers, Various and Unknown Counties (1358-1381, with some earlier) (352 fines) have been added.

Links to images of the original feet of fines on the Anglo-American Legal Tradition website have also been added for: Worcestershire (1356-1461) and Divers, Various and Unknown Counties (1358-1509, with some earlier).

I am very grateful to William Johnston, who has sent me details of a plea between Giles de Argentein and Nicholas, son of Roger, in Easter term 1252 [KB 26/146, rot. 1; available at the AALT website]. This provides additional evidence about the ancestry of Giles's grandfather, Reynold de Argentein, and in particular about the position of Guy, son of Tieca, in the pedigree. I have added a note on this new evidence here.

In the page on Chronology and dating in the Guide section, some comments about the dating of Exchequer documents have been added.

I have added some further discussion of the Charter of Eleanor de Lyston for Richard and Ellen de Strelleye, 1335, which Jim Poynor was kind enough to send me photographs of earlier this year. This discussion, concerning the descent of the manor of Woodborough, the genealogy of the Liston family and the associated heraldry, is based almost entirely on information generously provided by Tony Ingham. I am very grateful to him for his tireless efforts in discovering evidence relating to this problem.

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