What's new on this site: October-December 2016

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30 December 2016:

New material

In the Feet of Fines section, abstracts of fines have been added for:

I'm also very grateful to Mrs Katharine Hanna for a further instalment of abstracts of early Hampshire feet of fines - CP 25/1/203/8, CP 25/1/204/9, CP 25/1/204/10 and CP 25/1/204/11. These amount to 358 fines in total, covering the period 1246-1272. This means Hampshire is now the first county for which the abstracts on this site include all the previously unpublished fines in the county series up to 1509.

New photographs of feet of fines have been added on the Anglo-American Legal Tradition website, for:

New links

For older additions, see: