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15 December 2022:

New material

I am very grateful to Stephen Swailes for making available a long and detailed account of The lost churches of Northamptonshire, which he describes as follows:
This document contain brief information on 47 lost churches, often referred to as destroyed churches, that once stood in medieval Northamptonshire. Information on lost churches is dispersed across a range of sources and it is hoped that by bringing it together a useful purpose is served. Further information on some of the churches listed and on the development of the Church in the county can be found by following up the sources in the bibliography, many of which are online.

I am also grateful to Stephen Swailes for further abstracts of Northamptonshire King's Bench Indictments, covering 1413-1422 (KB 9/204/3-9/217) and 1422-1459, 1470 (KB 9/218-293).

Many thanks also to Dave King for providing a list of Elizabethan muster certificates from the period 1558-1580, with links to images of the original documents on the Anglo-American Legal Tradition website (as part of Helen Good's Elizabethan State Papers Project).

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