Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 9: Montagu (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 9, page 96:
He [Henry Pole, Lord Montagu (d. 1538/9)] m., before May 1520, Jane, da. of George (NEVILLE), LORD ABERGAVENNY, by his first wife, Margaret, da. and h. of Sir Hugh FENNE.
Note c:
He [Henry Pole, known as Lord Montagu (d. 1538/9)] was tried by 27 of his peers, who unanimously found him guilty (3rd Rep., D.K. Pub. Records, pp. 255-257). His younger brother, Sir Geoffrey Pole, and his wife's brother, Sir Edward Neville, and 3 others were tried for high treason on 4 Dec. [1538] (Idem, pp. 251-254) ...

His wife Jane was the daughter of George (Neville), Lord Abergavenny (d. 1535), by his first wife Joan, daughter of Thomas (FitzAlan), Earl of Arundel. (Jane was thus a granddaughter of the George Neville mentioned above.) Sir Edward Neville, mentioned in the footnote, was therefore her uncle, not her brother. The marriage took place shortly after 8 July 1515, the date of the marriage settlement.

Douglas Richardson, in August 2002, produced evidence of Jane's parentage, citing her father's will [PCC 35 Hogen] and a dispensation for the marriage of her daughter, Katherine Pole, and Sir Francis Hastings, who were said to be related in the 3rd and 4th degrees of kindred [Canterbury and York Society, vol. 37, pp. 22-25 (1930)]. This is further confirmed by the agreement and settlement for Joan's marriage, to which her father was a party [E 41/206; associated documents are in E 314/79]. Jane's mother is identified by the visitation of Kent of 1530-1 [Harleian Society Publications 74, p. 15].

[This question was also discussed by Leo van de Pas and Melissa Davis. Further information was provided by Tim Powys-Lybbe.
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Volume 9, page 99:
He [Anthony Browne, Viscount Montagu (d. 1592)] m., 1stly, Jane, da. of Robert (RADCLIFFE), 1st EARL OF SUSSEX, by his 2nd wife, Margaret, da. of Thomas (STANLEY), 2nd EARL OF DERBY. She d. in childbed, at Cowdray, 22 July, and was bur. 4 Aug. 1552, at Midhurst, aged 20.

Adrian Channing, in February 2002, pointed out evidence suggesting that the year given above for Jane's death is incorrect, and should perhaps be 1553 [citing Mrs. Charles Roundell, Cowdray: The History of a Great English House, p. 23 (1884)].