Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: 10: Ogle (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


Volume 10, pages 34, 35:
He [Robert (Ogle), Lord Ogle (d. 1544/5)] m.,, 2ndly (articles before marriage 8 July 1537),(k) Jane, da. of Sir Cuthbert RADCLIFFE, of Dilston, by Margaret, da. of Henry, LORD CLIFFORD.(l) ... His widow m., 2ndly, before 1552, Sir John FORSTER, of Barnborough.(c)
Page 34, note k:
O. [Sir H. Ogle, Ogle and Bothal, Appendix], no. 109, where the year is given as XXIX Hen. VIII; Hist. of Northumberland, vol. x, p. 280, chart ped., has 8 July 1528, which is impossible, as the 1st wife's son Robert, Lord Ogle, was not b. until May 1529.
Page 34, note l:
O., no 109; Hist. of Northumberland, loc. cit.
Page 35, note c:
Hist. of Northumberland, vol. x, p. 280, chart ped.

Kevan L. Barton, in April 2003, pointed out that - although the account above appears to be based on a contemporary document - in the Harleian Society's edition of the The visitation of Yorkshire in the years 1563 and 1564 [Harleian Society, vol. 16 (1881), p. 260, Ratcliff of Dilston pedigree], it is said that Margaret, the daughter of Edward Ratcliff by ... daughter and heir of John Cartington, married firstly Robert, Lord Ogle, and secondly Sir John Forster of "Bamboroo". This Margaret is shown as the sister of Cuthbert Ratcliff.

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